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Yoga and mindfulness classes

Radiant being are resigtered private healthcare providers for HBF and all major private healthcare funds. You may be eligible to receive rebates on your yoga classes, yoga workshops and yoga retreats.


Discover the healing cultures of amazing food, yoga, nature, surfing, stand up paddle, meditation & massage.


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Recapturing clarity and promoting relaxation has been a goal of Radiant Being's Hayley Lawrence, who's dedicated many years towards helping people achieve rejuvenation through a personalised holistic wellness approach.

Recapture your inner spark and awaken your senses on an adventure based retreat, providing an awe inspiring journey. Stand Up Paddleboarding, SUP Yoga, Surfing, and Aerial Yoga (Fly High Yoga).

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May, 2018

City of Albany Wellbeing at Work Program:

“The healthy backs was so relaxing I dozed off briefly & I’ve taken away a few of the exercises & do them regularly to prevent my back twinges I get sometimes".

“I found the Healthy Backs session very beneficial.  I thought Hayley gave some excellent tips and exercises on core strength, back and breathing.”

"Mindfulness again was extremely relaxing & I quite often do 10 minutes before work to re-energise & calm down.”

“The Mindfulness session gave some really good tips and was very relaxing”

Chloe Montana January, 2018

I did a 3 day retreat with Hayley in Bremer Bay, she is such an amazing teacher with so much knowledge and makes everything very easy to follow and individualises everything so you get the most out of each session. I did SUP yoga, arial yoga, and various yoga classes all so very beneficial and fun. Would very highly recommend Hayley and her retreats to EVERYONE!!!

Neil Kavanagh

Chief Science & Technology Manager,
Woodside Energy Ltd

April, 2017

"Hayley took good care with planning and preparation so despite the long trip from Perth to Esperance, I was confident that the weekend retreat would go well.  On arrival the welcome was warm and venue very beautiful - yoga overlooking the beach.  And stand up paddle board yoga was surprisingly  quick to learn.  Very enjoyable.  Will do again.

Fiona Whittaker November 2017

I had a private SUP yoga lesson this week with Hayley and it was awesome!! I would really encourage anyone to have a go, the entire time Hayley made me feel comfortable and was super encouraging. Practising yoga on the water felt so different to being grounded on a mat and was so relaxing to hear the water lapping against the board. I can't recommend the experience enough - you dont need to be experienced, just enjoy and have fun while out in nature! Thanks again Hayley!

Andrea Griffin March 2015

Went to Albany this w/e feeling out-of-sorts and had a beautiful therapeutic massage at Radiant Being. I felt like I was in the hands of a truly compassionate professional. I'll be going back.

Bree Kent November 2014 

Relaxation & raw food, what a fantastic place, tasted at least 7 different things plus green smoothies, everything was amazing, will definitely be back again very soon.

Catherine Perfrement November 2012 - Hayley - thank you and your amazing team  Arriving with our beautiful bride to be Liz Jeffers and lovely friend Annie - we just had the best day. Sometimes when you go to retreats or simlar you are more stressed about what is expected of you even tho you are supposed to be relaxing - I have now experienced three amazing retreat days with Radiant Being - each time has just been so special and magical. You my girl are a master of the art of relaxation and have the 'mix' just right. On these retreats if you want to participate fully, a little bit or just be and do what you want is ok - no questions asked - that is amazing.....thank you, thank your team, my shoulders are down, my forehead is relaxed and there is a little smile on my face today that wasn't there before I arrived! Hayley, thank you

April 2010 - had a wonderful time. This retreat increased my ability to tune into myself, become attuned to the rhythms of my body. Exhilarating, it made me feel special, important, stress free for this space in time. The food was exceptional. Jan

June 2009 Thank you Hayley for the fantastic day, Beautiful surroundings, delicious food, balancing yoga and a relaxing massage. What more could one ask for !!!

Hayley's flexible and personalised approach help's to uplift and promote positivity, providing a truly revitalising experience.

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