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 Join a 'radiant day retreat'

*day package includes an extended SUP yoga session, fly high yoga class, nutrition and organic food, and massage all in an ocean view stunning location.     

Packages available June, July, October, November 2016: Stand Up Paddleboard retreat to explore the magical island of Nusa Lembongan.

Weekly Yoga Opportunities:

Please note: All sessions are not connected to any religious dogma. They are open to 'all humans', and if you have your own particular set of beliefs you are welcome to add them to your session. All classes are focused on the 'health and wellbeing' of you. 


New YOGA Classes starting in York Street on Wednesday 11th May 2016.


Starts MAY 12, 2016 Torbay Hill NEW YOGA CLASSES. Fly High Yoga, Mat Yoga, and Restorative on thursdays evenings.


Fly High Yoga (air yoga, anti-gravity, aerial yoga)

Join the next 4 week intro to fly high course:

Friday 6th May @ 6pm for 4 x weeks

Saturday 7th May @ 10am for 4 x weeks

You can also try a single session, or arrange a private session to suit.

Email: info@radiantbeing.com.au or call 0415 985 046 to book your spot.


Raw Organic Food

  • Group raw classes available with the radiant being team at Torbay Hill, (between Albany + Denmark, Western Australia). 

    You can book for you and your friends with dates to suit in our ocean view, raw  commercial kitchen, yoga studio and spa. Be inspired and in awe of nature learning about nutrition and health in a stunning natural setting.

Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga

Would you like to try a session?  $35 per person includes SUP hire. Request to be on the SUP yoga hotlist by emailing info@radiantbeing.com.au. Sessions run around the region and you will be updated with times and locations aligned with weather conditions.


Discover the healing cultures of raw food, yoga, meditation & massage.

Dedicate more time to your health & wellbeing.

Recapturing clarity and promoting relaxation has been a goal of Radiant Being's Hayley Lawrence, who's dedicated many years towards helping people achieve rejuvenation through a personalised holistic wellness approach. Hayley looks at every individual as an indivudal. She designs a unique program tailored to flick a switch in you.

You can enjoy raw organic food, or attend a raw food class and gain much wisdom in nutrition.  Or find a beautiful yoga mat, and the best in Yoga and Sports apparel.

Enjoy rejuvenation and renewal with organic spa treatments, massage, reflexology, organic skin care + Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics.

Radiant Being also provide a range of wellness retreats that aim to inspire, helping you along whichever path you choose.

Recapture your inner spark and awaken your senses on an adventure based retreat, providing an awe inspiring journey in a number of locations Australia wide and overseas.

You can create the perfect bespoke plan for you and your friends with dates to suit in our ocean view locations

Hayley's flexible and personalised approach help's to uplift and promote positivity, providing a truly revitalising experience.

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