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  As you develop a focus on good nutrition or health and wellbeing...  Radiant Being can provide a signature menu and organise deliveries or cater events to suit. You may also be interested in nutrition workshops. In a busy life 'how to design a lifestyle' with more supportive health habits to energise and uplift you daily.

Its all about helping you feel good.

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Being raw menu


Organic wherever possible. Experience freedom from wheat, gluten, dairy, processed sugar, and preservatives. Alkalise + balance your body with supportive foods, lifestyle and self care. 

Some ingredients are subject to change in accordance with seasonal fruits + vegetables + organic/fresh

availability. We source our ingredients mindfully of obtaining the very best available nutrition, enzymes +

micronutrients to totally supercharge you!


Nutritious + healthy organic drinks


  • Green organic smoothie: *Kale, Spinach, Lettuce, Silverbeet, Avocado, Apple, Spirulina + Chlorella


Large - $12.50 small $7.50

  • Bircher muesli organic smoothie:  *hazelnuts apple, banana, cinnamon, vanilla, maple or rice syrup.

Large $12.50 Small $7.50

  • Berry antioxidant blast organic smoothie: berries, vanilla, banana or avocado, coconut cream.

Large $12.50 Small $7.50

  • Raw organic red maca and cacao hormonal balancing smoothie:

raw organic red maca, raw cacao, fresh berries, coconut cream, coconut syrup, maple or rice syrup.

Large $12.50 Small $7.50

  • Organic cold pressed juice *Apple, carrot, beetroot, ginger, and spinach.

Large $12.50 Small $7.50

  • Organic cold pressed juice - Orange, carrot, turmeric and ginger juice

Large $12.50 Small $7.50

  • Kombucha – selection of flavour’s – please check display fridge. We also offer workshops in Kombucha and set you up to be a kmobucha brewer!
  • Happiness in a glass. Coconut water

From $4.40


If you have a special requirement, or allergy please let us know and see if we can adjust a recipe to suit.


  • Organic noni juice - anti cancer + massive antioxidant blast, alkalising.
    Organic spirulina - green superfood, oxygenate cells, alkalising.
    Organic wheatgrass - green superfood - high levels micronutrients, alkalising.
    Organic vital greens - a blend of green oxygenating superfoods, alkalising.
    Organic vital reds - a blend of red superfoods high in antioxidants, alkalising.

  • All supershots are $3 and can be taken alone or added to your smoothie or juice. 


Hot beverages


  • Herbal and organic teas – selection of herbal flavour’s and healing teas.

Small pot of tea $4.00

  •  Organic chai latte –with real organic herbs and served with your choice of freshly prepared almond, hazelnut, or cashew nut milk, coconut milk, or bon soy.

$4.40 bon soy $4.95 for organic fresh nut milk.

  • Organic coffee – organic coffee served with your choice of coconut milk/ various nut milks or bon soy. From


  • Organic hot chocolate – organic cacao, organic fresh nut milk, coconut milk or bon soy coconut syrup, vanilla bean. Available as a raw hot choc served at 43 degrees or served as a hot beverage to suit.

From $4.95

Organic dandelion coffee – herbal and natural coffee alternative $4.50



Healthy starts


  • Organic raw granola + fresh almond milk

Activated Walnuts, almonds, + sunflower seeds, dates, apple, cinnamon, pear, nutmeg. $14

Served with fresh nut milk or coconut milk. 

  •  Chia parfaits

 Raw chia parfait - apple + cinnamon, chocolate + berry delight, Orange + citrus zing, + more. 

$12.50 large

$7.50 small

  •  Raw organic pancakes

Banana, cinnamon, chia seeds, apple, and other seasonal fruit (may vary according to the season) served with

maple cream + seasonal fruits + berries

$11.50 - two pancakes and filling.

$7 - a single serve with maple + vanilla bean cream.


Lunch + Savoury


Please check with the radiant being team for which lunches are available on the day


  • Raw organic pizza *cashews, lemon, Himalayan salt, buckwheat, sunflower seeds, garlic, veggie pulp, Italian herbs, flax seeds, chia seeds, olive oil, carrot juice, basil, pine nuts, tamari, marinated raw veggies (mushroom, red pepper, sweet potato, pumpkin) rocket, tomatoes. $17
  • Organic + raw bruschetta (served on raw garlic bread) *diced tomatoes, basil chiffonade, rocket, smashed

    garlic, himalayan salt, olive oil, brazil nuts, almonds, almond nut milk, flax meal, veggie pulp, garlic, carrot

    juice. $17

  • Raw organic pasta carrot, zucchini, beetroot, pine nuts, basil, dates, tomatoes, rocket, spinach, mushrooms, cashews, brazil nuts, oregano, lemon juice, agave, red pepper, garlic, thyme $17
  • Organic raw coconut wraps with raw satay and Asian filling $21
  • Raw organic falafel with tahini and lemon dressing + green mixed salad $17
  • Raw organic pad thai (but different) $22

    Fresh, zingy, and incredible flavour’s to make you feel alive!

  •  Organic + raw club sandwich an organic raw sprouted buckwheat bread + filled with cashew nut cheese,

sprouted goodness, beetroot, avocado, marinated mushrooms, capsicum, spinach


  • Organic raw burger served on organic raw onion bread. Served with a mango, chilli, + cranberry salsa, and raw crunchy filling. $22.00
  • Organic Chilli Sans Carne served on a bed of parsnip + pistaccio rice, crunchy rainbow salad + sprouted goodness. $21.00


  •  Organic raw spinach masala served with an organic raw rice alternative. This is like a celebration of incredible flavours and deliciousness all at once.   $23.00

 Served on an organic rainbow salad. We support and use sustainable, eco friendly packaging across all takeaway options.


 Sweet + nutritiously delicious!


  • Raw organic chocolate fudge, milk chocolate or chocolate mint flavour: *cashews, cacao, vanilla, almonds, goji, maca $7
  • Organic and raw cheesecake, *cashew, dates, vanilla, almonds, cacao, coconut butter, maple, irish moss, fresh seasonal fruits coconut syrup.

   Selection of flavour’s available $8.50.

  • Organic raw organic caramel slice $7.50
  • Raw chocolate organic tart with  strawberries. $8.50
  • Raw organic fresh ice-cream various delicious flavour’s $8.00
  • Organic + raw bliss superfood balls

Various flavour’s with superfoods added to increase micronutrients and high doses of wholefood nutrients



 Love the taste of our nutritious colourful supercharged food? Why not book a private raw session? 1.5 hours of one to one time to create as many raw organic dishes + smoothies to suit. All certified organic ingredients provided,  plus take some home to share. $145 per person, or ask us to quote for small groups 2/3/4 people. You can pick any of the topics above or create a mix of sweet and savoury dishes..

Let us inspire the nutrition expert in you ...