Colonic Hydrotherapy

£50 million in annual laxative sales suggests that elimination is a problem for many people. The colon completes the digestive process. It absorbs nutrients and excess water from the digested residue of food we have eaten and discharges toxins and waste materials from the body. When the colon is clean and healthy we experience a feeling of well being. When it is congested and stagnant, waste backs-up into the system and pollutes the inner environment. This is called autointoxication - literally ‘self poisoning'.

All of the body's tissues are affected by autointoxication. Poisons are reabsorbed into the bloodstream and are carried to every part of the body. In the nervous system we feel irritable and depressed. We feel weak if they back-up to the heart, bloated if they reach the stomach and our breath is foul if they reach the lungs. The waste build-up of months and years can actually result in five, ten and sometimes as much as fifteen pounds of weight, causing a distended and abnormally shaped colon.

Autointoxication can be a causative factor in numerous serious diseases. The colon, being the largest  perpetrator of diseases of any organ in the body, is said to be the initiator of 80% of all critical illnesses. This need not be so. Colonic irrigation is an internal bath that helps cleanse the colon of poisons, gas and accumulated faecal matter.

What is colon hydrotherapy?

Unlike an enema, it does not involve the retention of water. It is the gradual and gentle introduction of purified water into the colon via the rectum. This water stimulates the colon muscle to recover its natural shape, tone and peristaltic wave action. About fifteen gallons of water are used, but only two to three pints are maintained internally at any time. The outflow of water takes with it accumulated faecal matter. Each treatment takes approximately three quarters of an hour.

Does that mean my colon is clean after hydrotherapy?

A series of colonics is usually necessary to dislodge hardened waste. Colonic hydrotherapy is most effective when employed in combination with exercise and a mucus-free diet. Once the colon is clean, it is advisable to have a colonic every few months to maintain a healthy environment.

Isn't is a bit messy?

No. The water and waste are totally contained in tubes, and the waste goes directly into the sewage system. Part of the tube is made of glass so that the therapist can check the state of the waste.

Won't it damage the normal intestinal flora?

When the acid-alkaline balance becomes abnormal, and the bowel is impacted, the growth of friendly

bacteria is stunted. Cleansing the colon will put this trend into reverse.