Alkalising Lifestyle Course Class

Group raw classes with the radiant being team.

You can book any of the below sessions for you and your friends with dates to suit in our ocean view raw kitchen studio, and commercial kitchen..

Creating a 80/20 alkaline/acid clean eating food plan is a beautiful way to nurture yourself and family daily.
For ultimate results we recommend you also seek ways to create a less acidic (stressful) lifestyle.
We can help you learn meditation, yoga relaxation and many ways to assist with this component too.

Just ask for more details :)

2 hour session for groups of 6 - 18
You can also arrange a private session to suit.

Dates by arrangement. Contact Hayley @ radiant being at info@radiantbeing.com.au or call 0415 985 046



Arrange a group raw food class and create your nutritious and delicious lunch. 

Example Menu 1 :

Raw organic Thai Soup

Raw Zucchini Wraps. Raw Organic Falafels.Tomato Marina Dressing, Tahini and Lemon Dressing. Raw Organic Falafels. Carrot and Beetroot Noodles. Spinach. Rocket. Coriander.

Raw Organic Cheesecake.

Raw Vegan Hot Chocolate or Raw Organic Smoothie.

Tea/Organic Coffee/Refreshments.

 From $137

Example Menu 2

Fresh cold pressed juice with aloe vera prebiotic cleanse

Raw organic coconut wraps with satay crunchy fill

Raw organic Pad Thai

Raw organic chocolate fudge brownie

Tumeric Latte or Vegan raw hot choc

From $147

Example Menu 3

Kombucha infusion

Raw Organic Club Sandwich (sprouted Buckwheat Bread, Marinated mushrooms, cashew cheese, alfalfa sprouts, capsicum, + crunchy fill)

Flax seed crackers, fermented raw vegan cheese, relish + chutney

Lemon + Lime Zinger Zen Delight

Tumeric latte, vegan raw hot choc, traditional chai tea.

From $157

Contact us today to arrange raw education classes, and enhance the way you feel on every level
0415 985 046