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Sit-On-Top 100% Transparent 2-Person Kayak

The VUE 1 sit-on-top clear canoe


Material: Polycarbonate Fibre
L: 3.25mtrs W: 0.80mtrs H: 0.30mtrs
Weight: 20kgs
Maximum weight capacity: 200kg





VUE 2 Single Clear-Bottom Kayak

The VUE 2 clear bottom kayak

L: 2.80mtrs W: 0.78mtrs H: 0.30mtrs
Weight: 23.5kgs
Maximum weight capacity: 120kg


VUE-3 Double Clear-Bottom Kayak

The VUE 3 double sit-on-top kayak 


L: 4.01mtrs W: 0.74mtrs H: 0.34mtrs
Weight: 39kgs
Maximum weight capacity: 200kg

Recommended Accessories: Kayak Trolley.


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