Red Paddle Co are dedicated to delivering the very best SUP experience in the world. With one of these award-winning boards by your side, you’ll always be ready for your next adventure.

As the world’s leading inflatable SUP brand, Red Paddle Co have been finding new ways to make SUPing easier and more enjoyable for more than a decade. The innovative, super-stylish boards are packed with leading technology that is subjected to extreme testing to prove their reliability and rock-hard rigidity – nothing else on the market comes close in terms of design and manufacturing quality.

So, whether you’re a newcomer of a seasoned paddler, why not come on a journey with us?

It’s time to explore your world


Red Paddle Co makes Inflatable SUPs for all types and styles of rider. Whether you’ve never been on a SUP or are looking to challenge for podiums in a race series, there is a Red Paddle Co inflatable SUP board for you.








About Red Paddle Co boards.


Inflatable is unbeatable when it comes to stand up paddle boards, and since 2008 Red Paddle Co has been making the best. Here’s what makes our SUPs so special….


Truly no-limits exploring. The liberating thing about an inflatable stand-up paddleboard is how portable it is – it can go practically everywhere with you. You don’t need a van or a roof rack to take it on a road trip, or even a large space to store it at home. All of our boards can be rolled up to fit into their own compact bag that can be carried on your back, or rolled behind you thanks to specially integrated wheels. You can literally walk to the water’s edge, unpack the board and inflate it in roughly five minutes using our Titan Pump. Thanks to its special design, this pump halves the time it takes to fill boards using a conventional pump while using less energy – it also fits into the backpack with the board so it’s easy as pie to transport. Three-piece collapsible paddles are also available, and complete the perfect adventure pack.


A truly authentic experience. The unrivalled practicality of inflatable boards would be pointless if they didn’t perform to the highest standards. Here at Red Paddle Co we pride ourselves on using the best technology available to design unique features that put our boards on a level with hard boards in terms of performance. We’re not just adding inflatable boards to a range of hard boards – we only make inflatable boards and have done so since 2008. Over this time we’ve developed our products and established a broad number of new board families, so we can cater for all levels – from beginners to experts – as well as offering models for different specialities such as windsurfing, yoga and racing. All of the team at Red Paddle Co live, eat and sleep SUP, and that’s why we’re the only brand that can promise an authentic experience – paddleboards made by paddleboarders.


Never-ending development. Each year is an opportunity for us to enhance our boards. Wherever possible, we try to improve certain elements and integrate new technology. In 2016 we revolutionised the inflatable paddleboard market by introducing MSL fusion technology – which is the most advanced construction method available. MSL has been combined with our patented RSS stiffening system to ensure our expert boards maintain their shape in every situation, while retaining the same incredible manoeuvrability. Our boards also feature a special fixing compatible with Railblaza and Ram Mounts products, which enables you to fit all sorts of accessories including fishing rods and cameras to your boards. Of course, innovation doesn’t trump quality so we carry out rigorous tests to ensure that all of our products meet high standards. We even ran over a board with a 22 tonne digger recently – it was fine!

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*The New 2021 Season Boards will appear here as soon as available after September 22, 2020.