"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again"

Joseph Campbell

Hayley and the team at 'radiant being' bring you a boutique weekend holiday retreat adventure at a magical location overlooking the ocean.

Paddleboarding SUP + SUP yoga classes for beginners and all levels of fitness in safe protected lagoons, and private lakes.

Sup yoga with hayley @ radiant being

Sup yoga with hayley @ radiant being

You'll also have plenty of time to unwind from the pressures of life and take time to pamper yourself.

Retreat to a paradise full of transformative yoga sessions, decadent spa treatments, and a health and wellbeing program that will spark your spirit and leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.

Enjoy sun-drenched dips in the ocean, choose to meditate in natural hidden treasure locations, over looking the magnificent powerful ocean.; nourish your body with delicious gourmet meals, and enjoy the sights and sounds of beach life that lie just outside your door.

Investment: from $777 for a 2 night boutique weekend retreat for groups of 10 - 12 fun seekers.

Location: Maitraya Luxury Private Retreat in Albany, Western Australia.

To book please call Hayley @ radiant being 0415 985 046 or email to info@radiantbeing.com.au


      about your yoga teacher. .  . .

Hayley has been practising yoga and meditation for 22 years. She trained in London, and spent long periods of time, on multiple trips to India working with amazing Yoga Masters. On a recent trip to India in 2012,  to the very far North of India, the opportunity to spend time high in the mountains meditating with Tibetan monks opened up along the way.  Indescribably awe inspiring.

Hayley and the team at radiant being wellness retreats in Amazing Albany since 2006, as well as adding global retreats to the destination choice (*for Albany winters). Hayley beams a spiritual passion and learning in yoga and wellness, and aims to ignite a switch in you. Qualified as a yoga teacher (Mat classes, SUP, and Aerial), a positive psychologist and wellness coach (raw nutrition chef) and in a range of healing modalities (Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Reiki) Hayley brings a wellbeing wonderland to nurture & rejuvenate you on this weekend retreat.

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"The ocean is a shrine of interconnection, worship there often"