"All true artists, whether they know it or not, create from a place of no-mind, from inner stillness."
- Eckhart Tolle

Art Workshops | Sensational art classes available, workshops, freedom to express, be guided and inspired. We are just working with some amazing local artists to provide you with a workshop selection, to suit all levels, and all styles.  

 "Colour Harmony" workshop, using water soluble oil paints (a new product and completely non-toxic and safe for sensitive users) working outdoors to capture the light and mood of the day and emphasising colour to create a harmonious composition. Suitable for complete beginners - option to work onto boards or canvases.

 Art Journalling | Art journalling is an emerging art practice that uses art as a tool for self-expression. The journal is used by the participants to explore feelings, emotions and as a means for dealing with wellbeing issues in their lives.  The aim in passing on the skills and techniques of visual journalling through facilitated workshops is to motivate and inspire people to record the details of their lives, their thoughts, dreams and emotions, to map their journey, in an intuitive, spontaneous and unique fashion. Through the use of words and pictures combined, a more powerful insight into ‘self' is sought than is provided by the use of either words or pictures alone.

Journalling is a creative process that has applications in the fields of psychology and art therapy equally as it does to artists and crafters. Journalling is a process that can be harnessed in the exploration of many of life's themes, gaining new perspectives and enhancing the flow of ideas. No matter what the eventual use of an individual's journal, these journalling workshops focus on the playful side of artistic creation, providing the environment and materials for the achievement of uninhibited artistic exploration, with a particular focus on members of the community who would like to introduce creative expression into their lives.

 Workshop One - Layered Canvas |  Unleash your inner artist as you are guided in your explorations of a variety of mixed media techniques with artist Michelle Saleeba.  Working on a canvas, you can paint, collage, stamp and print your way to a vibrant, layered and uniquely personal work of art as you experience this wonderfully energetic creative workshop.

 Workshop Two - Visual Goal Setting - your vision board | Using an innovative and creative method that draws on fun and visually appealing mixed media art techniques develop your personal vision, define your S.M.A.R.T.* objectives and make a creative and stimulating vision board that turns your dreams into goals.

"Your vision of where or who you want to be is the greatest asset you have.  Without having a goal, it's difficult to score." - Paul Arden

Using an innovative and creative method that draws on fun and visually appealing mixed media art techniques develop your personal vision, define your S.M.A.R.T.* objectives and make a creative and stimulating vision board that turns your dreams into goals.


(Nb. This workshop can also be done in journal form)

 Workshop Three - Expressive Art Journaling | Explorations in colour imagery and self-expression

Explore spontaneous painting and mark-making creating page backgrounds with found and handmade tools as we prepare pages for our journals.  We'll play with a mix of simple printmaking, painting and collage techniques to build vibrant mixed media layered pages.  As our pages dry we'll integrate our personal stories and written explorations using Michelle's tried and tested journal prompts and techniques to get us writing.  Using canvas we'll create a unique journal cover into which we will bind our beautiful handmade journal.

 Workshop Four - Creative Celebration | Creatively celebrate your special occasion with your friends and loved ones as you work together to create a memorable and unique multi-piece work of wall art.  Each member of your party is guided towards creative self-expression using a range of fun mixed media techniques on individual canvas' which come together to form a synergistic collection of collaborative art that forever marks your special day.

Writing Workshop | Jon Doust moved the Albany in late 2008 with his partner, 579 boxes, realms of paper he will never look at again, 17 drafts of his latest book and a small piece of string given to him by his grandfather. His book Boy on a Wire continues to pop up on a number of bestseller lists for independent booksellers. A ‘writing creative memoirs' workshop with Jon is an enlightening and inspiring way to spend some time on your retreat. Radiant Being work with a number of writers to provide you with a range of styles and preferences.

 Belly Dancing l Belly dancing is a wonderful low impact way to achieve a level of fitness and flexibility. Many women find belly dance brings out their feminine creative side and gives them some much needed "time out". Choose from a variety of Middle Eastern dance styles including: traditional belly dance, modern fusion, folkloric, gypsy tribal and Bollywood.

ChakradanceTM Class | Bring your soul more fully to life with ChakradanceTM, a joyful affirmation of who you truly are. Use spontaneous dance, creativity and your imagination to lead to an awakening and discovery of your true self, thus bringing peace and balance into your life.

Cooking Classes | Radiant Being work with a number of amazing chefs and caterers to bring to you a fine selection and choices for your cooking class. There will be a theme to suit any palate.

Free Expression Dance Class | High energy, vibrant, eclectic mix of dance moves in a fun environment, guaranteed to uplift the spirit.

Nutritional Workshop | Learn and experience the key points of nutrition and health in an easy to follow format.  Acquire the skills you need to take away and utilize in your everyday life and experience improved health and vitality.