Surfing Lessons - We can arrange surfing lessons for you as part of your program or otherwise.

The most fun and fabulous way to enjoy the ocean. Challenge yourself to fulfill a dream or try something different


Surfing Albany, Western Australia


Corporate Team Games

Spider Web | Our most popular and most challenging activity. As a team, participants must get through the spider web, without touching any part of the web, however once a hole in the web is used, that hole cannot be used again.

Punctured Drum | In this survivor style game, teams must fill a large drum with water to a certain point. Sounds easy...? Well, there is a catch. The drum is spiked with many holes. Can you work as a team to stop the flood?

Minefield | A great game for an instant gratification at the end. Teams work in pairs - one person are the eyes, who direct the blindfolded person through the minefield. Can you both make it to the end?

All Aboard | This simple game is vastly becoming one of our most effective. The goal is to see how many people you can fit on to a platform; how you do it is up to you. Can you work as a team and beat the world record?

Traffic Jam | An old favourite: The People on the mats facing left have to switch places with the people on the right. How quick can your team figure out the solution to solve this brain beater?

Trolleys | They say many hands make for light work, but in this game many feet working in sync is the key to get your trolley board moving. No Co-ordination and no communication and your board won't go anywhere. How quickly can your team complete the course?

Nuclear Fence | The aim: To cross from one side to the other without touching the cord... Sounds simple right? Wrong! On doing so there must be a constant electrical (physical) connection between all participants. If this connection breaks down at any time the group must re-start.

Stepping Stones | Another get from Point A to Point B exercise... however this time we've made the stakes higher and the resources lower . You are given one less prop than the amount of people and must work as a team to reach the goal, without touching the floor.

4 way tug of war | So you've played tug of war before yeah... not like this. Is your team strong enough to beat the other 3? Our most popular and most challenging activity. As a team, participants must get through the spider web, without touching any part of the web, however once a hole in the web is used, that hole cannot be used again.

Learn to surf paddle race on surf boards | So maybe you have surfed, maybe you have paddled, but have you done both at the same time, and been in a race? Nows your chance!

Build and race a raft | How well can you create a useable raft working as a team to get the job done?  All the materials you need, well almost all, to build the best raft under extreme time pressure!  The adventure is complete when you have a race accross the lagoon in your completed vessel, it will soon be clear which group fused the best team dynamics! Exhilirating, fun and challenging!

Slip-n-slide | Big fun on the sand dunes, adventure, fun and laughter.

Blind mans beach volley ball | Enjoy the magical Lagoon at Maitraya Luxury Private Retreats, in Albany, Western Australia. Positively infuses your trust building relationahips, and lots of fun.

Circle of friends | You are in the circle of trust. Are you in, or are you out, This activity is aimed at developing close and trusting relationships, as well as having lots of fun.

Beach Olympics | Let us take you through some olympic challenges. Big fun, laughs and some serious competition!

Boot camp | A high impact, high energy workout moving in a circuit combined with intense shuttle runs and repetitive movements infused with strength training and resistance work.

Bush Walking | Reconnect with nature and tune into the bio-energy of Mother Earth. If you've been too busy to appreciate the magical effects of fresh air and stunning views combined with physical effort, this is just for you.

Dolphin & Whale Watching | Radiant Being can arrange a Dolphin or whale watching trip to suit you. Humpback Whales come up from Antarctica hitting the south coast, then travel from east to west until they can round Cape Lewin, heading north finishing their northern migration north of Broome, where cows will give birth in warmer waters and the sexually active whales will mate this year. We start to see the first whales in June, more are now being seen earlier with numbers increasing by around 10% per year. Humpbacks are called restless travelers and as the name suggests they are continually moving during their migration north. In Albany's waters many Humpback Whales are spotted traveling in a line from Michaelmas & Breaksea islands on the edge of King George Sound to Bald Head (The Humpback Highway). If you are looking out to sea from the south coast you may also see Humpbacks traveling past.

Surfing | A qualified surfing teacher will take you on an adventure as you learn to have some big fun! As exhilarating or relaxing as you want it to be, guaranteed to rejuvenate the spirit.

Pool Olympics | Let us take you through some olympic challenges. Big fun, laughs and some serious competition!


Of all the programs we run, the surf lifesaving carnival (or beach Olympics as we like to call it) is probably the most competitive and rewarding! We start by selecting teams of between six and eight people. These teams have to select members to compete in all of the events. Every event requires at least two people from each team and sometimes more. 

 As well as some more challenging options, we have thrown in some fun, novelty events to get the laughter and team spirit happening. You do not have to be an iron person to compete as we have designed activities for everyone. The whole emphasis of beach olympics is FUN!

This program is ideal for competitive sales teams, or conference programs that have an emphasis on results.

What are some of the events?

Beach flags

 Corporate sand modelling
 Soft sand running race  Team relays
 Board paddling relay  Chariot race
 Beach relay  Iron man & women
 Wade relay  Novelty events

Duration:      2-3 hours

Group Size:   20-150

Program Suitability - All age groups, fitness levels and genders will benefit from this program.

This event can only be conducted in coastal or beach locations

Surf to Sauvignon

We designed this program to provide a double hit of self indulgence.

First, we invite you to embrace one of life's most invigorating experiences - taking a surf lesson on one of Australia's most beautiful begginer surf beaches.

Then follow it up with a well earned, chilled and locally produced Sauvignon Blanc.

The sense of personal achievement when you stand on your surfboard for the first time will be all the more satisfying when shared with a group of friends or colleagues.

Surf to Sauvignon is available in certain locations, depending on the close proximity of safe surf and sensational Sauvignon Blanc.


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