Choose what you would like to learn and ask as many questions as you like with a one on one raw food workshop!

Want to know more about the health benefits of going raw, and how to make delicious raw recipes? 

Want to have that personalised service where you can learn in the privacy of your own home?

Or perhaps you might want to come for a relaxed afternoon where you get my undivided attention and a complete download of everything raw!


Arrange a group raw food class and create your lunch. 

Example Menu:

Raw organic Thai Soup

Raw Zucchini Wraps. Raw Organic Falafels.Tomato Marina Dressing, Tahini and Lemon Dressing. Raw Organic Falafels. Carrot and Beetroot Noodles. Spinach. Rocket. Coriander.

Raw Organic Cheesecake.

Hot Chocolate or Raw Organic Smoothie.

Tea/Organic Coffee/Refreshments.

For a group of 10 to 12  - $87 per person.

For a group of 4 - 10 - $117 per person.