Our Story

If you can dream it, you can do it. Walt Disney.

The dream began so long ago. Hayley's curious nature found her travelling around the world from the age of 19. Collecting so many crazy and fun stories along the way at the 'University of Life'.

Many years of travelling, and working around the world inspired future dreams of studying subjects aligned with values and life meaning. After many years of travel -  arriving back in the UK, and dedicating the next many years to studying at The University of Kent. Obtaining a degree in Psychology BSc (Hons), specialising in Positive Psychology. Alongside completing further studies in Health and Wellbeing included Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, and Remedial massage.

Time flashed by in the UK, with almost six years of full time study, a wellbeing business and full restoration and renovation of an 18th century post office alongside. A long term goal and little mission towards creating future dreams to live in Australia.

At this time (2002 - 2005) in the UK teaching yoga classes, and on corporate retreat programs and providing services for the wellness industry. Dedicating some time for more adventures and India exploration, and somewhere within this starting a two year application process to migrate to Australia happened. Eventually the application became successful and residency visa's arrived. High levels of persistance, and a 'never give up' attitude were definitely needed to manifest this seven dream to migrate to the other side of the world.  

Landing in Western Australia. Albany, down on the south coast became home base. Decided by the fact the car decided to malfunction right there, while passing through in 2006. Travelling around the coast of Western Australia and falling in love with a nature based life-style and becoming a mum. A beautiful beaming little boy Archie-Jack arrived in 2007.

A short while later, after hearing the locals stories of 'Maitraya' (*which means loving kindness) Hayley experienced an interesting flow of coincidences, and synergistic events. While teaching yoga to a corporate group with the unbelievable ocean backdrop at Maitraya Luxury Private Retreat a whale breached out of the water in front of everyone, much like a pre arranged a performance.

Inspired by such breath taking relatively undiscovered locations, Hayley founded ‘Radiant Being' and the team became the first company running retreat programs not only for corporate, but also for locals, interstate and global clients to renew and recharge their batteries at Maitraya. The programs completely personalised to each individual groups needs.

Being in a boutique luxury location, often enjoyed by the rich and famous just added to the positivity and uplifting properties of the retreats.  Reconnecting clients with a sense of inner peace while enjoying regular meditations, yoga, time in nature, and creative/adventure pursuits. One of the biggest things mentioned on the testimonials is around how everyone involved with radiant being are notably working from the heart.

In line with the love and passion for wellbeing, the company grew fast. In 2012 Radiant Being added more annual 'winter retreats' for Surfing and Yoga in Nusa Lembongan, in the protected bays with warm water and plenty of vitamin D for a winter boost. Radiant Being have connected with a beautiful team based in Nusa Lembongan and Bali to create a magical tailored retreat experience.

Early in 2013 saw the opening of the first wellness Organic store, and Spa in the regional destination Albany, WA. Radiant Being partnered with Lululemon Athletica around this time. Being the first regional destination to offer the 'active wear range provided an exciting time for the team. Including more yoga equipment, and raw kitchen equipment vitamix nutrition centers, dehydrators, alkalising water systems and much more to build a super fun wellbeing hub. 

Radiant Being went on to develop into a full time retail and wellness provider based in Albany. Everything grew organically and attracted lovely followers and supporters alongside. Raw nutrition, and delicious wholesome plant based food were paramount on all radiant being retreats, so in time this element became available daily at the wellbeing store. Raw food and nutrition were also topical in the media at this time, with a noticable positive shift towards veganism, eco sustainable, smart consumer living happening all over the world.

At the end of 2014 Radiant Being outgrew the first shop, and relocated the entire business (yoga studio, raw cafe, organic spa, health + wellbeing retail store) to a beautiful heritage building dating back to 1884. The huge space was blessed with ocean views, high ceilings and flooded with natural light. Located in a central and fabulous location.

The Radiant being team created a one-stop-wellbeing-hub. The team enjoyed the excitement, and the massive opportunities to share raw food, raw classes, and wellbeing and health boosting knowledge to the community. Providing a full organic spa menu, weekly yoga + pilates class timetable, a raw cafe, and health retail store in the heart of town, with the support and gratitude from the community. Stand up paddle board yoga and Aerial fly high yoga classes and workshops became really popular on the radiant being adventure retreats, corporate wellbeing programs, and wellbeing at work events. During the next few years, Hayley was asked to share her knowledge and experience on accredited yoga teacher trainings in Australia, and overseas.

Early 2017 Radiant Being partnered with a US Stand up paddleboard company to be the ambassador and distributer in the UK and Australia. Adventure wellbeing retreats and sharing experiences on sup, or transparent kayaks on beautiful beaches for 2018. The amazing effect of taking a beginner or experienced yogi on a new journey. Incorporating SUP, or practicing suspended classes in aerial yoga really encourages a complete state of mindfulness for all. Encouraging more belief in the self, and a sense of fearlessness alongside. Forever passionate to share this knowledge in yoga teacher trainings, and in classes, workshops and on retreats.

Alongside, in 2018 attending a Post Graduation. course at University of Melbourne to complete  -  ProfCertEd(PosEd). Professional Certificate in Education (Positive Education), and graduating with a first-class honours in August 2018. The course was held at PLC in Perth being one of Western Australias first schools to invest 30 million dollars into creating a wellbeing retreat centre at the school for all students and staff to uilise and raise levels of wellbeing collectively. Incrediby Inspiring!

In 2019 Hayley at radiant being was a key line speaker at Great Southern Grammar's annual conference for around 140 staff members. in 2019 Hayley is particularly interested in working with schools, and workplaces, and assisting them to create exceptional wellbeing for all.

  • Creating state-of-the-art, custom-designed wellbeing facilities using the latest research, technology and equipment.

  • Collaborating with schools as a wellbeing director to introduce scientifically-based wellbeing practices to all students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12.
  • Cultivating wellbeing across the community through education, and workplaces.

  • Supporting 21st Century living by creating optimum states. Moving people from ‘good’ to ‘flourishing’, rather than ‘struggling’ to ‘normal’.

There has been rapid growth in research-based evidence supporting the benefits of mindfulness, meditation, gratitude, and nutrition.  Building ‘wellbeing as a resource’ is critical for 21st Century living.

Positive Education is a movement reaching out to people through workplaces, colleges, universities and shaping the future of education and how we learn. Focusing on character strengths, and research based supportive lifestyle habits to flourish.

Hayley is passionate about collaborating teams with a 4D approach. Incorporating positive psychology, positive education, and research based wellbeing interventions to cultivate positive change. Specialising in positive change programs for schools and workplaces.

 'Radiant being' is significant as it embodies our mission to ignite brilliance in perception.  Positive perception opens the doors to infinite possibilities.    

Definition | radiant

adj. 1. characterized by health, intense joy,

being [ˈbiːɪŋ]

1. the state or fact of existing; existence
2. essential nature; self she put her whole being into the part
b. All the qualities constituting one that exists; the essence.
c. One's basic or essential nature; personality.

With a heightened


vb. 8. a place to which one may retire for refuge, quiet, etc

The Lotus Blossom is the only plant to fruit and flower simultaneously. It emerges from the muddy depths of swamps, ponds and streams. It is beautifully exquisite as it rises above the muddy waters, the mud slides away and the petals unfold, revealing it's magnificence.

Just like the magnificence of the Lotus blossom, every person has their own exquisite beauty. Often life's challenges and experiences can overshadow and bury the pure essence of who we are.