Hayley Lawrence has been practising yoga since 1997, and teaching since 2005. Since early in 2000 Hayley studied Hatha yoga over a two-year period with Saraswati based in London, UK. Saraswati studied Zen Buddhism and Mindfulness with Alan Watts and was lucky to be one of the last Sivananda teachers to be initiated by Swami Vishnu Devananda. Saraswati also studied with Swami Sivapremananda, William Bloom, Louise Hay, Professor Mark W. Muesse and many more. Hayley became a certified yoga teacher in 2005. 

Over the years Hayley has invested intensive periods of time in India, studying with many Yoga Masters, and attending many Vipassana meditation courses.  

Hayley focuses on finding our natural ease within the postures, and on developing an ever-increased awareness of the relationship between the body, the breath, and our state of mind. She teaches precise awareness of alignment in the postures, through graceful, flowing sequences in synchrony with the breath. Her style is both meditative and enlivening, balancing the ‘doing’ and the ‘being’ sides of our nature. As we focus within, developing the capacity to observe ourselves, the sessions themselves become a form of deep healing yoga therapy, which flows out into our lives beyond the classroom.

Based in Western Australia, and is the founder of a global retreat company named ‘radiant being’. Over the last 12 years radiant being have provided adventure wellbeing from a number of locations around the world. Hayley is contributor to local wellbeing events, and has been featured in publications for Nature and Health, Cosmopolitan, Wellbeing, and Asia Spa magazines along with The West Australian, Sydney Morning Herald Newspaper. More recently, Hayley has been assisting on Accredited Yoga Teacher Trainings at Radiantly Alive in Ubud. She is currently registered with Yoga Australia and offers private health cover on all classes. Hayley will guide you through her classes in a meditative state with a focus on your feeling and intuition, but also make you laugh. You are only practicing yoga. She is happy to be your teacher and your student, to learn more from you, with you.

Hayley Lawrence is an expert in creating exceptional wellbeing, both in Australia, and overseas. Completing post graduation studies with The University of Melbourne, and specialising in positive psychology and wellbeing. Incorporating a 4D approach to positive change and tailoring research based positive psychology interventions to each unique environment. Hayley works with schools, and workplaces cultivating this experience for many.


Hayley is also a well seasoned traveller and keen anthropologist, having visited many countries around the globe to study and experience different cultures. This includes staying at many Ashrams and Yoga Universities in India, while studying yoga. Travelling will always remain a big part of her life and passion.


Don't seek, don't search, don't ask, don't knock, don't demand - relax. If you relax, it comes. If you relax, it is there. If you relax, you start vibrating with it. Osho