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Radiant Being are registered with Yoga Australia.

Hayley @ radiant being is an experienced Yoga Teacher and Yoga Teacher Trainer with over 22 years of yoga experience, Hayley is passionate to help guide you along your yoga student or yoga teacher journey. If you are considering taking an accredited yoga teacher training in Australia please contact us for more details on the 2020 Yoga Teacher Training details. 

Yoga is a whole body philosophy involving stretching, breathing exercises, postures and meditation.

  • Improved sleep and mood
  • Increased flexibility and balance
  • Increased muscle strength
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Reduced stress

Contact us to organise Yoga, Pilates, Mindfulness, Meditation, or Character Strengths workshops/weekly classes for your organisation.

Y o g a  C l a s s e s

Private sessions are available by arrangement.

Please check the class location and how to book which is shown under each set of classes.

If you would like to see a session at an alternative time not shown on our timetable, please provide feed back.. 


8 weeks of Beach Yoga + Mindfulness sessions held at Three Anchors MIddleton Beach (*Ocean Views)

Start Tuesday 21st May, 2019

$15 (45 mins) $17 (1 hour) per session or 4/6/8 week pass's available.

Early Birds - 6.30am - 45 min class.

Healthy Start  - 9.30am - 1 hour class

Pilates - 10.30am - 45 min class

Please book in for these three sessions directly by emailing info@radiantbeing.com.au or sms/call 0415 985 046.


FREE Yoga and Mindfulness Class at Albany Library available for Cancer Patients and Cancer Patient Carers.

Location: Albany Town Library.

Starts May 30 for 6 weeks.

11 - 12pm

Hayley provides the Cancer Council Yoga and Meditation classes annually. The last few years these sessions have been in such high demand. For 2019 Hayley has connected with a gorgeous venue and is passionate to offer these sessions again during the year (*aside from November Cancer Council courses). The beautiful room at the library has views over the historic town hall, and a sense of nature inspires the space being in the tree tops. Please book this session directly by emailing info@radiantbeing.com.au or sms/call 0415 985 046.

Albany at ALAC (Albany Leisure and Aquatic Centre)

No need to pre book. Just arrive and book your casual class or membership at ALAC reception.

Every Tuesday 6.15pm General Yoga (45 mins)

Every Wednesday 10.15am General Yoga (60 mins)

Every Tuesday 12.15pm General Yoga (30 mins)

Every Thursday 9.15am Pilates (60 mins)

Every Friday 6.15am General Yoga (45 mins)

Every Friday 5.30pm General Yoga (60 mins)

Every Sunday 10.15am General Yoga (60 mins)


Active Albany Program Term 2 2019 Summer Program

Location:  Albany Leisure and Aquatic Centre (ALAC)

Tuesday - May 14 - June 18 -  Senior Yoga - (6 weekly sessions - all levels, beginners welcome) Session 1: 11.30 - 12.30pm

Tuesday  - May 14 - June 18 - Senior Yoga - (6 weekly sessions - all levels, beginners welcome) Session 2 : 1 - 2pm

Wednesday - May 15 - Childrens Yoga - (4 weekly sessions) 4 - 5pm.

Thursday - 16 May - June 6 - MIndfulness - (4 weekly sessions - all levels, beginners welcome)  1.45 - 2.45pm

Please book places for the above two sessions through ALAC: Active Albany Program - (08) 6820 3400


Location: Albany Leisure and Aquatic Centre (ALAC)

Thursday Weekly Pilates Class - 9.15 am every week ongoing. Bookings not required for this session - just arrive at ALAC in time for class and book in at reception.

Stay tuned for additional evening Pilates class - coming soon.


πŸ¦‹Yang to Yin 2 hour Workshops

Saturday 22 June  2019: 2 - 4pm. Fusion of Pranayama (breathwork) Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Aerial Yoga Inversions, Suspension Yoga, Tensegrity Training, Roll + Release, Yin, Restorative, Yoga Nidra.... Bliss.

🀸🏻‍♀️Adults - No yoga experinece required 🐬 Regular yoga practitioners are suitably challenged.

•2 hour yoga workshops to inspire daily Höme practice. $47 with organic refreshments +  Höme practice booklet..

Please secure places for workshops through Hayley @ radiant being.. email to - info@radiantbeing.com.au

Book Early


Children's Yoga

Active Albany Program @ Albany Leisure + Aquatic Centre (ALAC) - 4 - 5pm Wednesdays. Starts 15th May, 2019

🀸🏻‍♀️Children’s 🐬

•A casual and fun talk on healthy lifestyle nutrition with tasty treat samples, feelings, anxiety, how to feel calm, improving resilience, confidence, mindfulness, music and creativity. 

πŸ¦‹Stand up Paddle Yoga Beginners Workshops

Albany Beginners Stand Up Paddle Yoga Workshop

Gather your group and book dates to suit.

2 hours - SUP included $59 - BYO SUP $44

Includes organisc refreshments and home practice booklet.

Secure your spot early.

Please book places for SUP Yoga through Hayley @ radiant being - info@radiantbeing.com.au

1 hour weekly class: Yoga and Pilates on the SUP. Core and back strengthening class. BYO SUP $22.00 in small groups of 6. Gather your group and get in touch. 

1 hour Private class: $95.00 BYO SUP.

2 hour workshop: Learn a flowing yoga practice first inside on the yoga mat, and all the features of the paddle board, how to best position for absolute stability, paddle techniques, and much more. When fully confident and equipped with all basics, we head out in nature on the paddle boards, in a protected/sheltered area, knee to waist deep water. The boards are then all anchored together, and we take the yoga flow to the board, with some SUP fitness, being healthy outdoors gazing at the ocean alongside. The session concludes with a beautiful restorative session and organic refreshments. $59.00 including board hire and all equipment and $15 less if you have your own board.



Teacher Trainings for 2020

Please contact us to register your interest.

πŸ™ Accredited Yoga Teacher Training Courses - Residential ERYT 250 plus
*First weekend of every month plus two 3 day intensives over 12 months.


fly high yoga - anti gravity/aerial


Private sessions are also a great way to build confidence to attend group sessions, and such a brilliant way to progress in your practice.  You can also claim on your medical health care cover for all yoga sessions and workshops with Hayley @ radiant being if you have appropriate cover in place.


Classes and workshops can be purchased as gift vouchers or class passes in advance to secure spots.

Places are limited. Small Classes. Experienced, Qualified Instructors. Book early. No experience required. Accessible to beginners and all levels of fitness.

Anti Gravity / Fly High Aerial Yoga - 6 week course - $135.00 (save $15)

Aerial Yoga Fusion 1 hour sessions - 6 week course - $135.00 (save $15)

Aerial Yoga - Casual Drop in class - $25.00

Mat Class - Casual Drop in class - $20.00

Mat Classes 6 week course - $111

SUP Yoga 1 hour class $35 with board hire or $25 with your own board

SUP 2 hour workshop - with board hire $59, or with own board minus $15

Aerial Yoga 2 hour workshop - $47

Fly in Fly out and Drop in Casual Classes also available on request.

*All 2 hour Workshops include organic refreshments.


Private Classes (Mat and Aerial Yoga);

1 hour - $95.00

1.5 hours $145.00

*Private Medical Rebates Apply

Aerial Fly High Yoga


fly high yoga - anti gravity/aerial


Yoga with Hayley


You may also be interested in the transformation package which is available as an online program to all destinations.

Hayley @ Radiant Being offer's weekly sessions and regular workshops in various locations. 

Classes in Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Restorative, Remedial, Yin, Aerial/Fly High and SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga).

All Classes are suitable for beginners. Intermediate students are suitably challenged.

The practice is accessible to all levels of fitness. Mats, bolsters blocks, inversion belts, etc are provided.

Please note: All classes are focused on improving the 'health and wellbeing' of you. 

Bookings are advisable, but not essential.

Please contact Hayley - 0415 985 046 or email to info@radiantbeing.com.au to book your spot.

* (aerial yoga / anti gravity) -  Enjoy safe inversion progression. Experience decompression of the spine, lengthening, strengthening, improve functional movement and posture. beginner/intermediate. Using a yoga suspension belt.

*general yoga class encouraging the body to let go of tension, realign the spine, improve functional movement. posture, and upgrade your perception. - all levels welcome. beginner/intermediate

*general yoga + anti gravity class encouraging the body to let go of tension, realign the spine, improve functional movement. posture, and upgrade your perception. - all levels welcome. Access to anti gravity yoga belts for progression and safe inversions to lengthen, decompress and realign the spine. Your spine is directly related to your nervous system, a strong healthy back correlates with a healthy balanced mind.  beginner/intermediate

*aerial yoga (aerial yoga / anti gravity) - welcome to sky high yoga. Enjoy safe inversion progression. Experience decompression of the spine, lengthening, strengthening, improve functional movement and posture. beginner/intermediate. Using Aerial Silks.


SUP YOGA - Stand up Paddle 

Want to own your own board? We are partnered with amazing Stand Up Paddle Companies (who make our Fav. boards..) As Distributors, and Ambassadors we are more than happy to take you on a demo as part of your private class to choose your fav. board. The Boards vary so much for stability, and after testing the market we feel we have the most efficient range available. Come see for yourself! Inflatable SUPs, Transparent, and Clear Kayaks create a great excuse to spend a healthy amount of time immersed in nature.

We LOVE being out in nature on Stand Up Paddleboards, for SUP Yoga and SUP fitness, or just laying and looking at the world from a new perspective! Your own little island away from all cares and concerns.

You can bring your own board or include a board hire for the class. No experience is needed in either Stand up paddle or Yoga. Beginners welcome.

sup yoga with Hayley @ radiant being


sup yoga with Hayley @ radiant being


sup yoga with Hayley @ radiant being


sup yoga with Hayley @ radiant being


Yoga offers many benefits.

Yoga works by releasing tension from the mind and body. Our energy levels increase when we release tension. The yoga poses help stretch away physical tension and tone muscles, joints and the spine, which improves posture in general. Good posture prevents and eases backache, increases energy and boosts self-confidence.

The yoga breathing exercises quieten the mind, calm the emotions, and through increased oxygen intake, nourish all the cells of the body.

The yoga relaxation and meditation practice keep the mind sharp, improves awareness and encourages a happy and peaceful attitude towards life.

You can expect from your continued Yoga practice an improvement of your general well-being, perhaps release from back pain, freedom from insomnia, indigestion or tension headaches, and more willpower and self-esteem. In time with regular practice, you will notice a change from deep within, a growing awareness of a state of inner peace. Yoga works slowly and gently, so you need to be patient. It has been likened to the way water gradually changes the shape of a rock or cliff, yoga over time changes our state from dark or unwell, to light and vibrant.


Why Yoga?

It is a fact that in the year 2016, people absorbed more information in one day, than a person in the 1400′s absorbed in an entire lifetime. With so much constant simulation and distraction, it’s not surprising we forget that an inward focus can help us gain self-awareness, reassess our paths and gain clarity.