Aerial Fly High Yoga

Fly high yoga

Lengthen the spine and increase your flexibility with the aid of gravity and the FlyHighYoga Hanging Belt.

Combining aerial yoga with iyengar yoga with awareness of the importance of spinal alignment. 

The decompression of the spine also helps to relieve stress and treat injuries.

The Hanging Yoga Belt is a fantastic tool to perform restorative inverted poses, and to intensify ground Yoga poses as well.

It relieves tension in the muscles, elongates and decompresses the spine, and increase flexibility.

Postures can be hold for a long time if performed with safety and correct alignment. It is very easy to install and adjust.

It can be attached by hardware to the ceiling, any beam or pull up bar.

Aerial Fly High Yoga
Safety issues will be reviewed as you learn to enter and exit poses properly.

We will have lots of play time, alternating between standing, inverted and restorative poses, and a bit of flying and partner work is often on the menu.

The FlyHighYoga Hanging Belt is for everybody and all levels (except for those with heart conditions, pregnancy, vertigo or those who should not be practicing inversions).

Aerial Fly High Yoga

Contact us to hear about the upcoming classes. Hayley + Wayne @ radiant being hold regular classes and workshops in Albany, Denmark, Bremer Bay, and Esperance.

We can also help you with the purchase of your own belt and equipment. Radiant being are registered Australian stockists of all fly high yoga equipment

Aerial Fly High YogaAerial Fly High Yoga



Get ready, have fun and defy gravity!