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sup boards with Hayley @ radiant being


Top Reasons Why You Need to Practice Sup Fitness + Yoga

Neuroplasticity is an amazing phenomenon. When we do something over and over again, our brain has the ability to create new wiring which allows us to repeat the task with increased ease. This positively affects the way we feel, the way we relate to ourselves and to others. Endorphins are hormones that also affect our brain and nervous system.

sup boards with Hayley @ radiant being

A release of endorphins brought about by exercise will activate your opiate receptors, causing you to feel a whole lot better than you felt when sitting around at your desk all day. Sup yoga creates all of this feel good stuff which floods your body and your brain. Sure, you could do yoga on a mat in a gym. But there are undeniable benefits to practicing the ancient art of yoga on a modern, floating, stand up paddleboard.

sup boards with Hayley @ radiant being

Yoga involves poses that are held for brief periods. When on a platform that is constantly in motion, the challenge of keeping the pose gets a whole lot more difficult. So your core muscles (the ones we always talk about) and every other muscle (the ones we forget about) must remain fully engaged in keeping the pose.

Practice sup yoga and you’ll realize that this form requires more. Focusing only on your legs or arms is not enough to keep you on the board. This style integrates the whole body into the activity. Your entire being is switched on every minute while practicing these techniques on your board.

sup boards with Hayley @ radiant being

Moving out of one pose and into another is also more challenging. Just staying still is challenging. Every movement must be done with more concentration, more intent, and more purpose. The shin bone is connected to the thigh bone, and the world is connected to you, too. It’s an amplified version of the essence of yoga. Your whole body improves functional movement patterns, and learns to work more efficiently as a team of muscles from toe to fingertip and so on.

If you misjudge your center, or fall out of a pose and into the water, you’re suddenly reminded that the only remedy for a fall is to get back on board and try again. Which is, after all, how we survive.  Sup yoga is more than exercise. It’s life’s big lessons on a calm and glassy morning sea, with abundant wildlife all around. It will make you more than a mere observer of nature, it takes you on as a willing participant in the beating drum of the natural world. It’s as addicting as homemade granola, and just as good for you. Dig in!

sup yoga with Hayley @ radiant being

For more information visit this page: SUP Adventure and SUP Yoga and / or Contact Hayley at radiant being for details on SUP Yoga in Albany, Denmark and on global retreats. Radiant Being are the first and only company offering SUP yoga with qualified + experienced Yoga instructors in The Great Southern.