Corporate Retreats

Be the company taking positive steps to boost health,wellbeing and perception.

Whether your requirements are to retreat your team, hold a work based event, indulge in a long table lunch, or annual planning, allow us to assist you. Radiant Being corporate retreat programs can flow alongside an existing corporate schedule. The team at Radiant Being offer a full program menu list for half a day, one, two, three, five and seven days and beyond.


The retreat can be custom designed  to suit the individual needs of the group.

Maitraya Luxury Private Retreat

Where adventure, discovery, growth and wellness are among those at the top of the list. Reward your staff and invest in the vision of the whole team. Nurture your team, and take your company to a whole new level of performance.



Recent research and evidence from government based enquiries demonstrates that, companies investing in the area of staff wellness are rewarded, with a lower staff turnover, less absence due to sickness, and more committed staff. Happy and healthy staff are more productive in the workplace, achieving more in less time.