Soul Food

Radiant Being work alongside a range of amazing chefs and catering companies to bring you a Unique Culinary Experience.

Food prepared with metta (love), and is always fresh, local and seasonal produce.  During your experience with us we focus on tantalizing your taste buds as well as educating your own healing food knowledge base.

The delicious menus you will enjoy on your Radiant Being Retreat are created by expert nutritionists, using only the healthiest fresh, local, organic food, to treat your body from the inside.

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Cooking Classes and Nutrition Workshops

Radiant Being provide cooking classes and nutritional workshops for subjects including but not limited too:

  •  a non mucous forming diet (great for children with glue ear, dairy intolerances).
  •  wheat/gluten free
  •  super foods
  •  supercharge your smoothies (Radiant Being have a unique Nutritious super food blend to include in your daily green smoothie - launched soon)..
  •  healing foods
  •  thermo mix cooking classes
  •  alkaline based healing foods
  •  low acidic menu plans
  •  weight loss healing foods to include (our focus is on inclusion of nutrients you need and education as oppose to deprivation or forbidden foods).
  •  anti aging menu planning
  •  detox menus
  •  love your liver
  •  cleanse your colon
  •  lower your blood pressure
  •  lower your cholesterol
  •  energize your existence
  • Satvic Cleansing Yoga Foods
  •  Ayurvedic - Food for your Dosha (in this workshop we look at discovering your very own ‘dosha' and explore foods ideally suited to your constitution).
  • Tradiitional Vietnamese Rice Wraps with authentic dipping sauces


    What 'different' aspects do Radiant Being bring to your cooking class and nutritional workshops?

  •  EDUCATION: As well as learn about the healing foods for each ailment or area of improvement in a fun workshop with experienced nutritionists and naturopaths, the chance to produce each healing menu to be easily repeated at home. You will leave with all the tools and confidence you need. We need just 21 days to form a new powerful new habit.
  •  BACK TO OUR ROOTS: For many years across all cultures the idea that creating food for the family was a relaxing aid in itself. To lose your 'self' in making a dough, or the tangible aspects to creative cookery area is already an alternative therapy.  A moving meditation - simple but extremely powerful. In todays world we are re-discovering some of the very healthy parts of life lost to lack of time, inspiiration and enthusiasm.  
  •  SOUL FOOD: Radiant Being believe that food is another aspect of inspiring every cell in your body. A part of your daily routine that can enhance your very essence of being if you learn all the tools to do it right. Allow us to show you how.