Wellness in the workplace

Radiant Being provide a wellness at work programme. Designed to suit you and at your convenience we visit you in the workplace.

Massage is a particular favourite in the workplace. A 20 minute head neck and shoulder massage can work wonders in any working day.

Hayley offers private one-to-one and group relaxation classes. Session's designed for any length of time from 30 - 95 minutes to comfortably slot into your working day.

Lunchtime Express Session are also available.  

Private classes give you individual attention to go deeper in your yoga practice and develop awareness. Classes are tailored to suit your level of yoga experience and individual needs from beginners to advanced levels. The yoga classes can be in a variety of yoga styles including Vinyasa, Hatha, Remedial, Relaxation and Partner Yoga and can include meditation, yoga nidra and focus on deep full breathing.

All yoga equipment is provided. Bespoke programs available for your ongoing home practice.

Massage therapies are available at your workplace. This option is perfectly suitable for large groups as Radiant Being are able to provide a team of therapists. A corporate favorite is a Taoist head neck and shoulder massage.

For more information on Yoga, Taoist and massage therapies, and testimonials.