Healthy Lifestyle

The Pantry Makeover

Aspring cleaning for you and your kitchen!

  1. Your 2 hour session includes:
  2. An educational journey through your fridge and pantry, learn what should stay and what needs to go
  3. Discuss your current health concerns and goals
  4. How to read and decode food labels
  5. Nutritious recipes for all occasions (yes, even cakes! healthy ones of course) and notes to kick-start you
  6. Hands-on clean out of your pantry and fridge where I will educate you on how to make healthy food choices in the future

Investment into yourself for this service= $177

Assisted Shopping Trip

This service nicely complements your health coaching sessions and individualised wellbeing program by ensuring you carry out what you learn.

Your 2 hour session includes:

  1. An educational tour through the supermarket, health food shop and local organic shop
  2. How to invest in the most nutritious foods for you and/or your family
  3. How to plan your meals for the week ahead
  4. Learn about superfoods and their benefits to your health and most of all, how to use them to make delicious treats
  5. Notes &  recipes that taste like they should be naughty but aren’t!

Investment into yourself for this service= $177


To arrange your session please call Hayley 0415 985 046, or email to