Metta (means love in sanskrit) - Radiant Being Certified Organic Retreat Range

  • Radiant Being body care products are 100 percent chemical-free and natural. Hand made especially for you with Metta (love) using the highest quality natural ingredients, all of which are pure and unrefined.
  • All formulations offer outstanding nourishing, balancing and illuminating effects. Radiant Being products are not tested on animals and are free from all synthetic chemicals, preservatives and mineral oils.
  • Radiant Being only use the absolute best ingredients that we can source. For example, our pure Essential Oils are first press, single harvest and therapeutic quality. In other words, the absolute best that can be sourced.
  • Every single ingredient in the formulations has been researched and chosen because of its unique properties and is utilised for this purpose, not just for aroma.
  •  All raw ingredients are purchased directly through growers and free trade where possible. For example: The Certified Organic Coconut Oil which is used in the product formulations is purchased from a small self-sustaining village in the Pacific Islands. The villagers plant and maintain their own trees, hand pick their coconuts, hand process the coconut for the pulp etc, then use the left over husks for their fires. All of the money that comes from the sale of this product goes directly back to that village.
  • Due to the plight of the Orangutans, Radiant Being products are Palm Oil free.
  • In line with the company's commitment to the environment, Radiant Being packaging is recyclable and printed with natural vegetable dyes. (FSC Recycled Certified. Australian made and Certified Carbon Neutral and Greenhouse Friendly by the Australian Government, Department of Climate Change. It contains 100% recycled fibre and no chloride bleaching occurs in the recycling process.)
  • Radiant Being products are packaged in recyclable Miron Glass to maintain the integrity of the pure ingredients. This ensures that you are paying for an organic and natural product that remains as potent and rich in nutrients as when created especially for you.

The full range of Radiant Being Products will appear here soon ...