Radiant Being 250 Yoga Teacher Training Course 2024 + 2025

Your lead teachers for this upcoming International Yoga Teacher Training course are:
Dr Enrico Tambellini
Hayley Lawrence @ radiant being http://www.radiantbeing.com.au/story/founder/


Radiantbeing® 250 hour Yoga Teacher Training

Western Australia 2024/25

Undertake this journey that will transform your body, heart, mind and soul through the Radiantbeing® 250 hour Yoga Teacher hybrid - online and in person training.

Our training has been designed for students who want to experience an in depth and comprehensive understanding of the basic theory and practices used to guide yoga in a safe and effective manner with a strong emphasis on Anatomy and Physiology.

Learn through interactive lectures with visual aids, guided experiences, and small group interactions, as well as private sessions and guided home study between program sessions. You will be taught to inspire, lead, and to powerfully use your own style to share the practice with groups of people you wish to target.

Participants will learn and develop the key elements necessary to teach a fun, safe and effective yoga class as well as important skills that will positively serve all aspects of one’s life. Great teaching is learning how to artfully give voice to your journey as a means to inspire and uplift others. Whether you wish to teach or deepen your practice, Yoga Teacher Training is an excellent way to accelerate in your personal development.

Our Teacher Training Program offers an empowering approach to education, teaching and what it means to craft an experience that supports the students for success. As a participant in our program you will receive a well-rounded education that meets the curriculum standards criteria defined by the Yoga Alliance Professionals.

This program will be more than just acquiring knowledge, it will be a full immersion into the art, science, and practice of Yoga. To truly understand Yoga, one must experience it. Whether your intention is to teach yoga or simply deepen your personal practice, this intensive 250 hour training runs over 12 months,  will immerse you in the practice and theory of this ancient art; encouraging you to develop a connection with mind, body, and spirit while facilitating personal growth and transformation.

Through in‐depth exploration and practice, you will leave the program with a strong foundation in yoga teaching including:

  • ·       Knowledge of your own body 
  • ·       Knowledge of pranayama technique
  • ·       Knowledge of how to guide people safely through yoga asanas 
  • ·       Knowledge of posture modifications and healthy alignment
  • ·       Practical application of common yoga props 
  • ·       An exploration of styles of yoga (Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative as well as an introduction to Aerial and SUP Yoga)
  • ·       A progressive exploration of meditation practice
  • ·       Experience with how to create a mindful yoga class
  • ·       Confidence in your ability to teach and share yoga
  • ·       Knowledge of yoga philosophy and real-life applications
  • ·       An understanding of yoga as a modern-day profession
  • ·       On going support  and mentorship by our friendly and helpful staff.


Aim, Overview and Objectives

The aim of this course is to turn a student into a confident Yoga teacher able to offer a beginners course in Hatha / Vinyasa Yoga and to know how and when to modify asanas to suit a student’s needs. The course places a lot of emphasis on actually learning to teach (approximately 40% of the course), finding their teacher voice and to structure a class. Students will start to teach from the first weekend of training and continue to build content and experience at each training weekend and retreat gathering.

In addition to teaching beginners yoga the successful student will have the tools to set up a Yoga business, understanding how to run such a business or to contract for others. Learn about social media and marketing basics, and to design their own programme.

This program will be more than just acquiring knowledge; it will be a full immersion into the art, science, and practice of Yoga. To truly understand Yoga, one must experience it. Whether your intention is to teach yoga or simply deepen your personal practice, this 12 month course will immerse you in the practice and theory of this ancient science; encouraging you to develop a connection with mind, body, and spirit while facilitating personal growth and transformation.

Through in‐depth exploration and practice, you will leave the program with a strong foundation in yoga instruction. The program is a hybrid one online and in person and meets Yoga Alliance Professionals standards for 250‐hour teacher training course. Once the course is completed students will meet the standards necessary to become a 250-hour Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance Professionals.


Approximately 30% of the course will be spent in the actual physical practise of Asana, including an emphasis on the importance of Pranayama. A traditional Hatha practice path will be followed and will focus on correct breathing techniques, precise anatomical alignment using Biomechanics and the latest Myofascial research. Time will also be spent ensuring students understand the mind, body and spirit state that they and their students are aiming for.

Yoga today is commonly recognized by asanas (physical postures). It’s through the practice of these postures that we learn to focus our awareness inwards (Pratyahara) and develop better concentration (Dharana), which prepares us for meditation (Dhyana). In the meantime, we develop muscular strength, flexibility, balance, and we stimulate the relaxation response which helps the endocrine and immune systems. Through asana practice, we begin creating a deeper awareness of the way our body moves and feels; this awareness eventually travels into other aspects of our lives. With time and practice, Yoga helps us become more aware of our thoughts and emotions, more aware of who we are and how we express ourselves. As our focus and concentration improves, we can be more present in our lives, find peace and clarity in the mind, and let go of mental distractions like stress, worry, anxiety, frustration, and fear.

To attend the next live Yoga Teacher Training in 2024 you will be dedicating one weekend a month in Yallingup, Western Australia to attend training weekends. As well as two intensives throughout the year (Weekend dates provided upon securing your spot on the course, retreats intensives t/b/a). A further three hours a week will be required for coursework, and this is in addition to dedicating time for practice of meditation, yoga, mindfulness, and breathwork every week. Enquire about online study - there is more flexibility with your start date. 

The course consists of:

  • Anatomy and Body Physiology - learn about the anatomy of movement, the nervous system, the physiology of the respiratory system, the circulatory system and the lymphatic system. 
  • Yoga Philosophy - gain understanding of the profound philosophy of yoga and how you can apply it in everyday life. 
  • Auyerveda - the ancient holistic Indian medicine of healing.
  • Chakras - Discover how to balance the subtle energy centres tapping into your own personal power, and intuition.
  • Nutrition - Learn about key nutrients to help reduce inflammation, increase flexibility and suppleness, and a strong immune system. We discuss the health benefts of the traditional ancient yoga diet, and how this supports health in todays world.
  • Pranayama - the breath is considered the bridge between the body and the mind. Accessing the Vagus nerve, parasympathetic nervous system / rest and relax.
  • Asana - learn detailed specific asana alignment, contra indications and benefits.
  • Meditation - learn about the gateway to inspiration and flow states, increased wellbeing, and how to flourish.
  • Mindfulness - learn about the health benefits. How to be more focused, present and engaged fully in your activities.
  • Gratitude - learn about this key character strength which serve's you in all circumstances to higher vibrations.
  • Rituals. Circadean Rhythms - life balance.
  • Tensegrity Training - learn about fascia, connective tissue and how to balance your sessions with a healthy flow.
  • Partner Yoga - yoga play and fun elements you can enhance your sessions with.
  • Chair Yoga - suitable as a corporate session, or for seniors. 
  • Self love - take your practice to another level, learn safe form for yourself and deepen your experience of yoga. 
  • High content level of 'practice teaching' resulting in confidence upon certification.
  • Wholistic approach - learning styles and how to teach accounting for each students uniqueness, so every student learns from you.
  • Voice - learn about tone, rhythm and clear communication techniques.
  • How to build sequencing and balanced yoga classes - Teaching methodology. Learn how to pace, and sequence engaging classes.
  • Themed classes - Discover how to create optimal states for learning and how to communicate clearly and powerfully. 
  • Inspiring your students - presentation skills and how to capture the attention of your students.
  • Teaching Yoga to Children and Seniors - learn about their specific needs and abilities and how to engage your students of all ages.
  • Yoga for Beginners. Intermediate. Advanced - learn how to engage students of all levels that may also all be in one class with a range of demographics.
  • Remedial Yoga - learn about therapeutic application of yoga for students with injuries and illness.
  • Yoga Nidra - learn about this magical heaing state that allows everyone to return to their true nature - inner peace.
  • Bio rhythms - understand the body and how it responds and why.
  • Body Intelligence. (BI) - only 10% of the worlds population is currently high in BI.
  • Positive Psychology - learn about key components of positive psychology to enhance wellbeing.
  • Retreats - how to plan and run a successful retreat program.
  • Stand up paddle (SUP Yoga) + Aerial Yoga tasters. (*Pls Note: Full qualfications in Aerial or SUP yoga are additional 40 hour RBYTT).
  • Business and marketing and social media.
  • Combination of Coursework + Final Exam in order to qualify.
  • Opportunity to invest in self enhancement. (*Your goal may not be to teach yoga at the end of the course. You can attend a yoga teacher training to obtain a deep level of understanding for your own practice).
  • Yoga Teacher training Manual, Facebook group, online lectures, and course materials to support all module content.
  • Become a registered Yoga Teacher. ERYT 250 plus
There is something incredibly empowering about attending a yoga teacher training.
The connections you make with yourself, and with others are next level amazing. When the time is right, the teacher appears. We very much look forwards to sharing this magical journey with you.
Small intimate acreddited group trainings held in Yallingup, Western Australia.
Please send an email to shinebright@radiantbeing.com.au for information on how to secure your place.
Ask us if you are interested in an online training for a more flexible start date. 
Eligibility & Pre Requisites
All students should have a solid personal yoga practice for a minimum or six months. 
Most importantly students should have an open attitude, and a willingness to learn. 

ERYT 250 Training Fees & Payment Options. 
$4995.00 - Early Bird. Payable in full in advance. ($1000 deposit + balance of payment within 30 days).
$5295.00 -. Payable in full in advance. ($1000 deposit + balance of payment within 30 days).
$5410.00 - Payable by monthly direct debit. 9 monthly payments. First payment due within 30 days of registration.
To secure your place on the upcoming 2024 Training please call Hayley on 0420 776 096
Price includes 24 contact days (192 hours) + a three day immersion (24 hours) + a four day immersion (32 hours) + Teacher Training Manual + certification. 
Please note that once full payment has been made no refunds can be offered. Please consider carefully before committing.
By entering into a direct debit contract you agree to allow radiant being to charge 9 x monthly payments $601 to your nominated credit card or bank account in respect to full payment towards the Radiant Being ERYT 250 Hour Training. You may cancel, amend, or dispute a direct debit payment at any time but you must make alternative arrangments for payment of your fees within a reaonable time. Once you enter into this contract no refunds will be offerered. Please ensure you have adequate funds in your nominated bank account or credit card to ensure payment in processed. If a payment falls on a non-business day it will be processed on the following business day. Your personal information will be treated with the highest sensitivity in accordance with the radiant being privacy policy.
Radiant Being reserves the right to make changes to the structure as and when required for the course to flow alongside current global events.
All Students are accepting the terms and conditions upon booking in and transferring their deposit for the course.
For Online based student Intake: Flexible start date to suit. Please contact us for a one-to-one consultation. 
2024 Yoga teacher training dates tba.