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We would like to say a huge thank-you to all that have attended a retreat, yoga class, or wellness treatment. Being a business built upon WOM 'word of mouth' since 2009, and we value your support, and would love it when you tell others about your experience! 


Margaret River, Western Australia.


5 stars on Fresha app

Fantastic Massage, lovely therapist with a sound technique and knowledge. Thanks. George. 

Spa Treatment: Deep Tissue Massage 


5 stars on Fresha app 

Excellent Massage



5 stars on Fresha App. 

Great Beautiful Experience 


2 .8.23

5 stars on Fresha App.



5 stars

Thank you for the excellent massage


Products:: Mukti


Om Day Spa, Yallingup, Western Australia. 

22. 6 23 - 26. 8. 23

Private Yoga classes, and Spa Treatments, and Om Spa Signature Treatments.

Client reviews from Omdayspa gave 100% 5 star recommendations for Hayley @ radiant being 

Products: Om Veda 


Bodhi spa, Yallingup 

8.1.23 - 27.2.23 

Client reviews from bodhispa client testimonials gave 100% 5 star recommendations for Hayley @ radiant being 

Products: Sodashi, Mukti, Qi


Radiant Being Yoga Teacher Training May 2022 - May 2023 

250 hour yoga acredited yoga teacher training fpr a group of in person and online students toward full qualification as a 250hr. International Yoga Teacher. 

The Next Radiant Being Yoga Teacher Training is in 2024, and in person from  Dunsborough, Western Australia and online. 


2023 January Private Retreat Program Albany 

A biomechanics and movement bespoke class designed for mat work and on a stand up paddle, and nutrition organic juiice cleanse, for a returning client (his third retreat program with radiant being). 

Hayley designed again a remarkable retreat experience, showcasing the local region. A truly excellent way to invest your time. I would 100% recommend Hayley @ radiant being.

Neil Kavanaugh - Woodisde Oil and Gas. 

See linked in for full review. 

2020 - 2021 - Covid lockdowns! 


Corporate Wellbeing Program for The City of Albany, Western Australia. 

2018 - 2019 - 2020 

  • 22/2/18 City of Albany Health and Wellbeing at Work Program reviews:

“The healthy backs was so relaxing I dozed off briefly & I’ve taken away a few of the exercises & do them regularly to prevent my back twinges I get sometimes.

Mindfulness again was extremely relaxing & I quiet often do 10 minutes before work to re-energise & calm down.”

“I found the Healthy Backs session at ALAC very beneficial.  I thought Hayley gave some excellent tips and exercises on core strength, back and breathing.”

“The Mindfulness session gave some really good tips and was very relaxing”

“I attended the Mindfulness session.

I had just started riding to work, like the day before. It has been decades since I had done any cycling and I found the first trip in rewarding but also quite challenging.

In the Mindfulness session Hayley taught me about mantras. The next days the ride in was especially hard with a decent 20km headwind all the way in. While I was struggling up the first incline, a mantra popped into my head…I have the perfect body for my journey through this life. About 10 minutes later, struggling up another hill it turned into …I have the perfect journey for my body in this life…So I now have a wonderfully positive & encompassing mantra for my rides. I now find that I look forward to my 30 minute mantra and exercise sessions and am confident that I will continue to ride into work whenever I can and even make the trip home again one day soon "


  • 17/01/2018 Chloe Montana reviewed Retreat Yourself at Radiant Being5 star

    I did a 3 day retreat with Hayley in Bremer Bay, she is such an amazing teacher with so much knowledge and makes everything very easy to follow and individualises everything so you get the most out of each session. I did SUP yoga, arial yoga, and various yoga classes all so very beneficial and fun. Would very highly recommend Hayley and her retreats to EVERYONE!!!

  • 17/4/2017 - Esperance Retreats. "Hayley took good care with planning and preparation so despite the long trip from Perth to Esperance, I was confident that the weekend retreat would go well.  On arrival the welcome was warm and venue very beautiful - yoga overlooking the beach.  And stand up paddle board yoga was surprisingly quick to learn. Very enjoyable.  Will do again."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Neil Kavanagh Chief Science & Technology Manager, Woodside Energy Ltd
  • Fiona Whittaker reviewed Retreat Yourself at Radiant Being5 star
    November 18 at 9:06pm ·
    I had a private SUP yoga lesson this week with Hayley and it was awesome!! I would really encourage anyone to have a go, the entire time Hayley made me feel comfortable and was super encouraging. Practising yoga on the water felt so different to being grounded on a mat and was so relaxing to hear the water lapping against the board. I can't recommend the experience enough - you dont need to be experienced, just enjoy and have fun while out in nature! Thanks again Hayley!


  • Duarn McGinnity reviewed Retreat Yourself at Radiant Being5 star
    June 19 ·2016

    I did the beginners fly high yoga class with Hayley yesterday and I loved it. Was a bit worried because I don't really do upside down very well! But I had no worries. The class moved at a good pace and I felt amazing afterwards. My neck and shoulders felt a lot looser and I felt like I could breathe deeper as well. Today my neck still feels nice and loose and I can definitely feel my abs, will definitely be back

  • Alisha Nicole Reynard reviewed Retreat Yourself at Radiant Being5 star
    July 4 ·2016

    I Participated in a beginner flying high yoga class was a great experience. Both instructors were great at explaining the moves. I left feeling great! Will be attending again later in the year.

  • Jake Price April 2016 - We just tried fly high yoga. It was so much fun. I have never practisced yoga before, and always thought it would be too slow for me. The hanging belt is so much fun, requires attention and focus and you feel your core muscles have had the best workout ever.
  •  Sarah Sharpe March 2016 - A group of friends and I all decided to book a day retreat as a 'get together + wellbeing treat day'. We had so much fun, from a SUP yoga session, to a fly high yoga class, amazing food, and massages. It was all in a beautfiul spot between Albany and Denmark overlooking the ocean. We will be back next summer!
  • Andrea Griffin March 2015 -
    reviewed Retreat Yourself at Radiant Being
    5 star Went to Albany this w/e feeling out-of-sorts and had a beautiful therapeutic massage at Radiant Being. I felt like I was in the hands of a truly compassionate professional. I'll be going back.
  • Debbie Emilia Gliosca -
    reviewed Retreat Yourself at Radiant Being
    February, 2015 5 star Wow totally in LUV with the food You should be very proud Hayley it is an amazing place.
  • Eugene Gbekor -
    reviewed Retreat Yourself at Radiant Being
    February 2015— 5 star Awesome raw food experience and great massage from Ruby. Great job guys.
  • Misti Hams -
    reviewed Retreat Yourself at Radiant Being
    December, 2014 5 star - My new favourite place ❤️
  • Sarah Murray
    reviewed Retreat Yourself at Radiant Being
    November 2014 5 star Awesome deep tissue/remedial massage thankyou ruby :) will definitely be coming back. Very tasty chai and coconut tea and raw chocolate. Salamat :)
  • Bree Kent
    reviewed Retreat Yourself at Radiant Being
    November 2014 5 star Relaxation & raw food, what a fantastic place, tasted atleast 7 different things plus green smoothies, everything was amazing, will definitely be back again very soon :) xx
  • Elizabeth Reely
    reviewed Retreat Yourself at Radiant Being
    October 2014 5 star So friendly and helpfull....raw chocolate fudge has won me over. Love it
  • Jane Bird
    reviewed Retreat Yourself at Radiant Being
    August 2014 — 5 star Thanks for the delicious lunch today. Such a refreshing, warm and friendly environment. Xx
  • Jess Banham
    reviewed Retreat Yourself at Radiant Being
    July 2014 5 starLovely food and service that has amazed me so refreshing whilst all so healthy! Thank you Hayley
  • Kasey Zerna
    reviewed Retreat Yourself at Radiant Being
    July 2014 — 5 star Fantastic massage tonight. I was so relaxed when I left I forgot to thank my masseuse, so thank you!! Loved the raw juice and food afterwards too, will have to come back to try more!
  • Maggie van Santen
    reviewed Retreat Yourself at Radiant Being
    June 2014 — 5 star Best investment of a few hours and a couple of dollars - treat yourself to one of Hayley's massages or try some of her yummy RAW foods
  • Kerry (Amed, Bali June 2015) Myself and some girlfriends needed some time out, and arranged for Hayley to teach us yoga and raw nutrition while we were in Amed, Bali and Hayley was on an island nearby for a surf retreat. She arrived beaming and inspired us all to feel balanced and back on track. Thank you so much Hayley, we will be booking again when we need a reboot. For now thanks for all the ways you helped guide and support us with the daily events in between. Kerry, Sal + Rebecca (Amed)
  • Emma’s testimonial 

    To try and find words to literate my experience with Hayley in Nusa Lembongan is a very difficult task, as I feel like I couldn’t come close to conveying how incredible it was. To sum it up in one sentence: it was the absolute best experience I’ve ever had and the very best decision that I have ever made. It literally changed my life. I’m so very thankful for the opportunity to be a part of such a breath taking and moving retreat, to have had the privilege to learn from Hayley and to have had such a life changing, inspiring experience to start me off on a new and wonderful journey in life. Hayley’s passion, love and excitement is so inspiring and infectious, it was an absolute pleasure and honour to meet her and to be around her all week, without her I can confidently say that I wouldn’t have had experienced Bali the way that I did. Not only did she change how I approached yoga, meditation and surfing (and exercise and wellness in general), she helped me changed my approach to myself, my life and my goals. She helped me see what it was that I needed to change in order to follow my bliss and achieve my personal goals.

    Nusa Lembongan was an absolute paradise! The hotel literally took my breath away and I cannot express how impressed I am with the staff and facilities there. It was a dream come true and I would very happily recommend them to anyone. It was bliss. The villas there were impeccable… my own little private heaven! The staff were exceptional! So friendly, polite and professional, it was all truly faultless. Hayley has done such an amazing job in seeking out the very best that Bali has to offer, which I think made all the difference and resulted in such an amazing experience! There were honestly too many highlights to mention! I felt so alive and inspired and excited the whole week, I’ve never felt so fantastic in my entire life! I love that I can take it all back with me, especially the memories and helpful tools to apply to my every day life in order to life a happy, positive and balanced life. 

    The surfing was another highlight, it was so much fun and I learnt so much more than I thought I would! Balon, the surf coach, was very professional and friendly and helpful, I feel really lucky to have had the opportunity to have him teach me! I’m a very nervous and anxious person and I felt so safe and comfortable and more confident. Hayley helped me work through a lot of insecurities that I had and I felt so much more comfortable and happy in the water than I have done before. There was no pressure or expectations; I even caught some really wonderful waves! Being out there in the glassy, warm water with perfect waves and the most beautiful view of the island, the sky, and volcano in the background… it was pure delight, pure bliss, pure heaven! I improved my surfing a lot, learnt so much that I can now take home with me and continue to practice and learn and enjoy surfing! It definitely increased my skills and confidence, and ignited a new love and inspiration for surfing ! 

    In just 6 days my yoga and meditation practice improved so dramatically! I feel very grateful to have had such a talented, knowledgeable and inspiring teacher as Hayley! I felt so much stronger in my postures and learnt so much, I discovered what is now one of my biggest passions and loves in my life. It’s so hard to explain the effect yoga can have on you mentally and physically, unless you have experienced it yourself, but I can honestly say that it changed my life and im so very very glad that I followed my dreams to yoga! I have taken away so much from the retreat that I can incorporate into my regular day to day life to improve my vitality and happiness, and to decrease stress levels and negative thought patterns.

    I honestly learnt so much more than I could have possibly imagined, it was again the best decision that I have ever made, I really didn’t expect or know that I could get so much out of one week! It was truly an experience of a lifetime, that was not only the perfect holiday, the perfect place, but also the perfect way to facilitate life-long shifts and transformations. I am now happily following my dreams and I couldn’t be more grateful or inspired!

    Thankyou Hayley for making this possible, for facilitating such an incredibly fun, inspiring, relaxing and memorable experience. I really wish there were words to paint the pictures I now cherish so fondly, but some feelings are just too powerful, too beautiful, too wonderful for mere words J I would, obviously, highly recommend this retreat to anyone and I am already planning to return as soon as I can! Whether you haves specific life goals in mind or just want an awesome holiday, I wouldn’t go past a retreat with Radiant Being!

  • The Nusa Lembongan (N.L.) retreat was amazing and I am very happy I got over my initial fears of travelling solo and took the plunge. From the moment of signing up for the retreat the Radiant Being team were very professional and supportive. They did their absolute best to ensure a blissful and rewarding experience.  The island of N.L. was a magical place with crystal blue water, superb surf (every day!!) and friendly people.  There were numerous restaurants and bars to dine and drink at and many cultural and natural places to explore. The accommodation (meaning Coral Stone) was just as beautiful. On arrival I was in awe of the venue with its stunning natural surroundings, welcoming staff reception, restaurant and deck cafe. Even more wonderful was my home for the next 6 days - a charming and tastefully decorated villa overlooking the ocean. Total heaven!The retreat itself was a mix of yoga; one on one consultation with Hayley; ‘me’ time; body and face treatments; getting a vitamin D fix by one of three pools; enjoying a smoothie, mocktail or meal at the restaurant, deck cafe or pool bar and recreational activities such as surfing, snorkelling and exploring the island.  Other activities included an Ubud visit, meeting Ketut from the movie ‘Eat Prey Love’ and enjoying yummy organic food in a cafe surrounded by rice paddies. I got so much from the retreat and since arriving back home have made some significant changes to my lifestyle and feel so much better for it.  These changes would not have happened if not for the retreat. So I would like to deeply thank Hayley for the retreat – her support and professionalism; open, positive attitude; time and effort; and organisation. I would highly recommend this experience to all.

  • Hayley has a special way of working her yoga magic in her private sessions.  Right away she was able to pin point what was right for me and my body, enabling me to embark on my own journey. After each session I was given more strength to fuel my life with more positive ideas and energies, flushing the negative ones out of my system. During our sessions I was able to make clear concise decisions about myself and which path I want to take. The conversations we had always seemed to go a long way and her advise always inspired me to 'follow my bliss'. Hayley is an absolute dream to work with and I would recomend her to anyone wanting to improve their health and wellbeing. It is almost as if she flicks a switch inside you! Not only is my mind more at ease after visiting Hayley after a number of weeks, my body is too after being introduced to her wonderful detox programme. Thankyou so much to Hayley for introducing me to the amazing and powerful practise of yoga. I now consider myself to be an aspiring yogi! - February, 2013

  • Hello Hayley,
    Well Keith and myself have returned home after an amazing 10 days on the Island of
    Nusa Lembongan. Having had no prior knowledge or been a part of any Yoga class
    previously to our visit to Lembongan we were both amazed at how relexed we became
    as we slowly moved through the week.
    We enjoyed the group classes and definately the relaxation part. The breathing excercise
    and the enormous amount of information you gave us on all the many different ways we
    could move using the breathing techniques for stretching and moving that little bit further.
    The Island too was a lovely choice, our rooms , the food choices and the views were stunning.
    The staff  were so friendly and helpful, and the Island had so many lovely spots
    to snorkel, sight see and walk to.   We spend a lovely 10 days with our surf guides and had some
    lovely sunset dinners together as a group which made it all that more special.
    We thank you for our week, im sure that your next trip to Nusa Lembongan will be as amazing to
    any newcomers as is was for us;   
                                             Kind Regards   Diane and Keith
                                                         South Australia  October, 2012

  • Hi Hayley,
    Just wanted to thank you and your team on a fantastic retreat in Nusa Lembongan.
    Our group set out to learn a bit about Yoga which we had never done and also to achieve a life long goal of being
    able to stand up while surfing and have a relaxing holiday. These we did and more.

    The way you introduced us into the Yoga was delightfully easy and quite complex all in one. The different movements and there outcomes both spiritual and physical were very enlightening and satisfying. We loved the flexibility of your whole program which seemed to change daily to our beck and call. We never once ended up with stiff joints or muscle ache and I tried everything you threw at us even though some of my movements were not very gracefull. I am still using most of the yoga learnt on a daily basis 1 month on.

    Our surf coach was a mind field of knowledge and I think the course to get us surfing was well designed and didn’t try to rush us but more gently guide. Both Keith and I achieved standing and caught a lot of those huge waves (waist high in Roz terms) which were exhilarating. I think the training under the gazebo and later on the sand paid off! Later on after the retreat we travelled around the island on scooters and saw the massive waves that we need to build up to – maybe a few more retreats needed first.

    Lastly the island and hotel which just tipped us over the edge for one of the best relaxing and entertaining holidays we have had in some time. The hotel was just magnificent and I would argue probably the best on the island. Right from when they carry your cases on their heads from the beach up to the hotel to the wonderful blessing we received from the priest and the awesome dancers that performed at the welcome ceremony. These along with a great feeling from all the staff fantastic rooms and tasty food you couldn’t ask for more. If this island stays as it is we would look at coming back for many years.
    Cheers Rog & Pam October, 2012


  • Hayley - thank you and your amazing team :) Arriving with our beautiful bride to be Liz Jeffers and lovely friend Annie - we just had the best day. Sometimes when you go to retreats or simlar you are more stressed about what is expected of you even tho you are supposed to be realaxing - I have now experienced three amazing retreat days with Radiant Being - each time has just been so special and magical. You my girl are a master of the art of relaxation and have the 'mix' just right. On these retreats if you want to participate fully, a little bit or just be and do what you want is ok - no questions asked - that is amazing.....thank you, thank your team, my shoulders are down, my forehead is relaxed and there is a little smile on my face today that wasn't there before I arrived! Hayley, thank you :)- Catherine Perfrement November, 2012
  • I feel so rejuvenated...Yoga, Yummy Food, Relaxing Massage, Exhilarating swim in the sea, float in the pool, delicious healthy juices. Everyone should take this food for the soul. Thank you Radiant Being
  • Even though it is months since attending a Radiant Being Day Retreat I am still experiencing the benefits. Whenever I start to feel stressed I just take my mind back to the moment at the retreat where I experienced inner peace amid the most breathtaking of locations. Every aspect of the day had been thoughtfully considered – delicious food, incredible massage, yoga overlooking the ocean and more. For me the day was a gentle reminder of how important it is to take time out to nurture ourselves. Thank you Hayley for this wonderful gift. Denise Smithson from Smithson Media.

  • My friends and I arrived at Maitraya as three stressed and tired working mothers and left as glowing, relaxed and laughing women - the inner health I felt and still do a week after is unbelievable.  Thank you Hayley and team - Alison

  • Thank you for instructing our yoga class on our wedding day morning and for your kind gift pack. We had a fantastic day, and it was made all the more special by our morning yoga class. Everyone who came to the yoga class enjoyed it immensely and all commented how it was such a great way to start such a special day. We felt like we brought the sunshine on!  Thank you again, Danelle and Michael

  • The advice and massages received from Hayley were of great benefit to me.  They  made me feel fantastic at all levels - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Also Hayley recommended I try Miessence and I am so glad she did for my skin has improved greatly in such a short time. I will be continuing with Radiant Being and strongly recommend others give it a go as it is well worth it.' Leanne Tomlinson

  • What a way to spend a day...Thank you Hayley for guiding, nurturing and relaxing my soul, mind and body. Nilla Spark.

  • I would like to thank you for the wonderful Pamper Day Retreat at Maitraya beginning with a warm welcome, then a positive affirmation and walk along a beautiful beach on a glorious day.  Yummy Yummy lunch with gentle and relaxing guitar player.  All this and more - a pamering massage and a refreshing swim, what more could you ask for to finish off the day.  Ohh how could I forgot, great company of wonderful women and did I say Yummy lunch - thanks Hayley.

  • Every detail was beautiful... And well and truly appreciated, from the Tibetan wool blankets we could wrap ourselves in on the beach, the sumptuous prepared lunch which we could devour whilst enjoying the relaxing tunes of a live musician, the relaxing treatments, the personal 'bush flower' consultation,   to the thoughtfully prepared 'gift bags'. 

    I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the day and will recommend you to all of my friends!

    Thanks again! Maria Daniele

  • Thank you so very much for such a glorious day. For me, today was an ultimate retreat. The perfect 'time out' where I could escape to a breathtaking location which enabled me to temporarily close myself off from my worries and cares and allowed me  focus wholly and solely on MYSELF.

  • It was wonderful meeting Hayley, and her team. She made the whole day interesting, relaxing and special. She introduced me to Yoga, Bush Flower Therapy and how to start 'caring' for myself. Maitraya is a very special place, and I felt it a privilege to be there, and to share its specialness with the rest of the group. We all felt pampered, with stunning food, massages, spa and sauna. Colette.

  • I had a wonderful time. This retreat increased my ability to tune into myself, become attuned to the rhythms of my body. Exhilarating, it made me feel special, important, stress free for this space in time. The food was exceptional. Jan

  • I have wanted to go on a retreat for so long and had such high expectations. I am so happy to say none of them were shattered. The way in which this retreat was delivered in such an amazing spot, with friendly, helpful, and positive people was out of this world. I have booked my next two already, and will work my way through my friends, to make sure everyone attends one with me!  What I liked the most was no need to travel right around Australia or overseas. All the money, time and energy spent on the usual 'big trip' has instead been invested in my own wellbeing. Thankyou Thankyou so much!   Kerry.

  • Every aspect of the retreat was perfect, location, fresh food, live music, exercise and relaxation. A much needed gift for the self and the soul.

  • Hayley the retreat was fantastic. I don't know where to start to say what I enjoyed the most because it was all so good. Thank you.Jane.

  •  A wonderful was to escape the life of a busy mum, relaxing, enjoyable, healthy day and soclose to home

  • A wonderful relaxing special experience. I could quite easily get very used to this. Briony

  • A rare breathtaking combination of the magic of nature and the health and stress reducing benefits of yoga and massage and good food. Colleen.

  •  What a wonderful day. really enjoyed the yoga. Fantastic food, location and people. Thank you so much Hayley - look forward to next time !!

  • January 2015 A wonderful experience from beginning to end. Will look forward to returning. Berey

  •  December 2014 It was soooo good - would love to come again

  •  October 2013 What a treat! Feel very nourished and balanced and keen to kick start my healthy, fresh take on life.

  • September 2012 Ahhhh. From aaargh to ahh, feel each knot untie, feel that stress disappear. Breathing deeply is such a simple and easy thing to do but often we forget to breathe.

  • September 2012 I enjoyed my day so much, a chance to escape from a fast paced life for a few hours. A wonderful venue, fabulous women, incredible massage and yummy food. Thank you Hayley. Liz Jeffers

  •  July 2011 I feel totally blissed out and feeling on top of the world - thank Hayley for arranging this special day for us, your helpers  & Rick of course for the magical Maitraya. How grateful I am - om shanti.

  •  Very relaxing, great ambience at Maitraya. Yoga & Massage were wonderful - I felt very balanced in mind and body at the end of the day. Lunch was delicious and very healthy and Simone's entertainment was an added surprise.

  • September 2010 Fantastic!!! Really relaxing. Thanks Hayley (and helpers) You are a legend.

  • Pure relaxation, a beautiful setting, don't send me home. Thank you. Justine

  • August 2010 This has been a marvelous experience. The yoga session was most relaxing, the massage was the cream on the cake. Thank you - I'll be back. Rosemary McNally 10/3/2011

  •  June 2009 Beautiful relaxing day that everyone should do as much as possible. I feel totally rejuvenated. Malarna Hanna. Beautiful location as well - totally magical.

  • June 2009 I feel so relaxed for the first time in ages. Thank you.

  •  June 2009 Thank you Hayley for the fantastic day, Beautiful surroundings, delicious food, balancing yoga and a relaxing massage. What more could one ask for !!!
  • Amazing. Amazing. Amazing !!!