Aerial Flow Workshops in London, UK.


Stay Tuned for more information on trainings and workshops in the UK for 2022 + 2023. Contact us for more info.and to access the waitlist. 


Aerial Yoga London

Aerial Yoga London


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Beginners and yogis with experience are welcome to attend. The workshop’s focus is cultivating mobility, creating good postural habits and to turn your world upside down! We will also provide you with a daily practice you can follow to continue these healthy happy habits. (Workbook notes are included in the session)

The class is using a flying yoga belt or sling, as oppose to a hammock which is exciting + new for London. It offers a dynamically flowing practice which is based on a fusion of Yoga, Pilates, and Acrobatics. Experience anti gravity in this suspension yoga workshop with Bella (experienced yoga teacher) and Hayley (experienced yoga teacher and yoga teacher trainer).

Namaste, we are super excited to fly high with you...

Hayley + Bella xx