Frequently asked questions


What if I don't want to attend something on the program?

It is entirely up to you how much or how little you do on your retreat, It is after all, your retreat. If there is an element of the program which you do not like, we also offer the choice to do something else in its place. For example, we have had enquiries for clients not interested in nutrition, but who LOVE art. So we have substituted some Art workshops in place of the cooking classes.  Options like this are always available.


I am not flexible enough to do yoga! How will I cope?

Yoga is not about being flexible enough! It is about you having the chance to connect with yourself, and improve your strength, balance, and flexibility, from wherever you are starting. The classes are gentle, we ask you to not push yourself too far. With such regular practice you will be astonished and amazed how much you can achieve in a short time. It is not like a gym class where there is competition. Most people close their eyes for part of the class to just have a moment to go within and tune in. Not being distracted by anyone else. It is a true moment where you are the most important. Our teachers will consult with you, if you have any injuries, or contraindications they will formulate a class especially for you and your level. They will talk to you about your personal goals and help you achieve them - gracefully


Will I have time to do nothing? My life is so busy the thought of going into another busy schedule does not appeal.


Yes although there are some structured parts of the program, you are free to attend only those which you feel like to attend. In the afternoons we focus solely on rejuvenation.  This means you have free time to have a treatment, to go for a walk, visit the beach, go for a swim, spa or Jacuzzi, relax in the wellbeing library, and have a siesta and much more. The retreats are designed to create balance back in your life. For this there must be some ‘stillness' included.  Life is of such a fast pace that we have created a timeless space for your pleasure and enjoyment. You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated at the end of a program. The only problem may be you may not want to leave!  But don't worry - we offer retreats all year around, so when you need a top up we are here! We also give you a post retreat program to keep up some of the wonderful wellbeing tips for a balanced life when you are home.


I am flying into Albany, how will I get to the retreat location I am attending?

We can arrange all transfers for you. Just notify us of your arrival time and departure.


I have been told I snore a bit, I want to take a twin share room. How is the room set up, I don't want to feel uncomfortable!

Usually people share a room when they know eachother already. If you are coming alone, you may prefer the private room option.


I am allergic to many foods; will you still be able to cater for me?

Our expert nutritionists will cater for any diet! If you are intolerant to any or many food groups rest assured you will still be provided with a varied, healthy and wholesome menu.  We form individual diet plans after consultations with nutritionists.  Your own personal menu plan will be formulated to bring you body into balance and leave you feeling rejuvenated and well.


I have never been on a retreat before. I am a little nervous!

This is a perfectly normal feeling! For many of us, the chance to spend time just on us, to improve our health and wellbeing, although great can also be a little daunting. It has been busy life looking after others, and often being last on the list becomes a habit.  Don't worry. After a couple of days of being massaged, pampered, and just amerced in stunning natural beauty, you will settle in easily. Before you arrive it's easy to imagine you may be bored, or feel lost. In our experience people only experience this before they arrive. It's just the feeling before something new. When you start to relax in a soothing, safe and rejuvenating environment all of these worries and concerns fall away. You learn to just ‘be'. This is really your true nature so it's basically just like coming home - to yourself!


I can't afford the investment for seven days :(

Do not allow yourself to be put off by  an insignificant figure that jumps out and scares you. We offer day programs, weekend programs and many options for a lower investment. There is always something to suit your requirements. Some of our clients have been out on a day retreat, have felt that after they have been surrounded by the magical energy and radiance on a shorter program, have made a new goal. Everything starts in the mind. In this moment now, there may not be the investment sitting in the bank. But as with any goal, you find ways to make it happen. You may find a great friend, also in need of a retreat, and decide to split the cost and have a twin share room. You never know what is around the corner in this life. We at Radiant Being believe the start is to dream, and visualize all you wish to materialize. Always be grateful for what you do have. Always focus on the things you LOVE in life, not the challenges. You can and you will. It may take some time, but hey, as we all know the best things can also come to those who wait. The balance is in your hands.


I want to come with friends, but I also like the sound of having time just for me. Do people come alone?

It is one of those occasions in life where whatever is right for you, is right. Some come alone as they feel just like to concentrate on themselves. There is plenty of contact with others if you desire that, or you can choose some quiet time just for you. Others come with a friend, as they have not had any quality time together. It's a great experience either alone, or with friends. Trust in the flow of life for you.


I'm scared of getting bored!

When life is so full, we do find it harder to slow down, even when it is exactly what we need to do.  Rest assured there is plenty to do if you like to ‘do' more. The difference is it is all good for your mind, body and spirit. Being fully present in each activity is quite different to mindlessly being thrown from one thing to the next. Tennis, swimming, spa, massage, sauna, cooking workshops, creative journal writing, sun bathing, whale spotting, surfing, stand up paddle, yoga, meditation, mindfulness are all options. The possibilities are endless. You will be far from bored. Getting comfortable with a new pace is challenging, but very good for you.


How do I book my place?

You can call, or email Radiant Being.  Hayley will always aim to connect with you personally (either in person or on the phone/skype), once you have made contact, and chat about anything you need to go over. You can discuss room arrangements, and any special requirements you may have. From here, you are required to make your investment deposit, which secures your place. Our naturopath will either call you prior to the retreat, or you will receive a consultation sheet (depending on the program). You will be advised to follow a diet full of wholesome foods prior to coming on your retreat, to ensure maximum nutrition and a fully energized you at the end of the seven days.


We look forward to hearing from you!


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