What is it?

Fasting is a holiday or rest for the body; in particular the digestive organs.

The only thing consumed by mouth is liquid taken as; purified water, broths and juices from organic vegetables and fruits. The combinations are designed to assist the action of the fast. Most therapeutic fasts last from three to seven days.

Fasting is a wonderful healing process for acute and chronic illness as well as a preventative from many degenerative diseases. Used correctly it is a powerful medicinal tool.

How does it work?

Fasting rests the digestive tract:

  • This allows the various detoxifying mechanisms to mobilize themselves and do just this as they do not need to focus on food metabolism.

  • 30% of our energy is used in metabolizing our food. This energy is redirected to healing.

  • The mucous membrane of our digestive tract gets to sloth off and cleanup. Absorption, digestion and cleansing become more effective.

  • Habitual destructive eating patterns get disconnected and you get back in touch with tasting, chewing, digesting, emptying completely and best of all healthy hunger sensations.

Why does it need to be supervised?

Fasting as a healing process has been thoroughly researched and tested. The knowledgeable, well qualified and experienced staff are on hand 24 hours; to support and guide you through any given response.

Different bodies and their constitutions can need, and respond well to, a variety of combinations. The retreat offers a unique opportunity for a tailor made supervised fast for each participant. It also provides education about the whys and wherefores of fasting. Answers to your particular questions and needs are provided. In addition information to support you in ongoing future fasts will set you on your way to a very healthy and vibrant being.

The environment is pristine and stress free; two important considerations that have been proven to significantly improve outcomes.

And most importantly of all how you come off a fast is vital to the end result. This cannot be over emphasized. At this retreat you will not get the chance to break your fast incorrectly.

It will be disciplined, appropriate and have lasting health results.