Hayley and the team at radiant being help make the most of your wedding weekend, here are some of our favourite ideas and activities to bring your wedding guests together and kick start the celebration.

An adventurous excursion – Stand Up Paddle boarding sightseeing group fun. Accessible to all levels of fitness

A spa day – Full organic Spa Menu to relax and renew.

A Sunrise/Sunset Yoga Class – Dedicated to your group’s health and wellbeing. A mindfulness based session suitable for all levels.

 Group classes PT High Intensity Class, Stretch Therapy, Relaxation, Pilates, Yoga, Aerial Yoga/Fly High, SUP Yoga, SUP and Stretch, surfing.

Children’s play shops – Art + yoga, Music + yoga, Cross fit, Circus, Gymnastics, Dance, Stand Up Paddle, Surfing.

 Supercharge – A raw organic fusion of 8 courses of delicious highly nutritious and delicious supercharged tastes. Delivers maximum nutrition in the form of raw organic desserts, smoothies, bliss balls, and much more. Let food be thy medicine. You can arrange to ‘supercharge’ along with a group class, activity or spa day.


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