Eco Friendly

At radiant being in Albany, Western Australia working in harmony with nature is top of the list. Our organic takeaway packaging is created from sugar cane pulp and is fully eco + biodegradable. We use only recyled paper and materials where ever possible. We tend not to print huge amounts of brochures and use instead our website + social media sites to pass on info and save some trees all the while.

Please visit this link for some inspiration on how you can make a big difference to our planet. WAR ON WASTE.

Ask in your local area about the Boomerang Bags Project and see how you can help.

Try to start each day with positive intention, and sending love and good vibes to mother earth. Living with consciousness, and centering yourself with meditation, being in nature, and investing time doing things you love. Team work is needed to protect our planet for future generations.

For Retreats: Built to be eco-friendly, Maitraya relies on innovative design and the latest technologies to ensure that the impact of the residence and our guests on the natural Albany habitat is kept to an absolute minimum.


The Maitraya residence receives a portion of its power from the sun through a solar power system.

This system takes the energy from the solar array and converts it into 240v power that home appliances can use. It generates 55kW hours per day on average. This is enough power for four average size homes.

Surplus energy is exported back to the grid. During times when the resort users more power than generated, it draws what it can from the solar array and draws the remainder from the grid. At night the system puts itself to sleep to conserve power.

  • Solar array
  • Peak output: 12.6kW
  • 4 banks of panels
  • 3 banks to grid, 1 bank to batteries (can light main house in event of blackout)
  • Maintenance appliances are run during the day
  • Solar hot water
  • House heating is assisted by central atrium
  • Skylight heats pool area


Salt protectors and filters ensure the highest quality rainwater from all collection sources. Windmill pumps water to an elevated storage tank, enabling gravity feeding of the entire residence - no power is required.


Guests are encouraged to separate their recycling.
Food waste can be separated and fed to the chickens on the property. In exchange, guests are welcome to collect eggs and pick fruit from the orchard.

Maitraya Aviator's Cottage:

  • Fully self sufficient
  • Solar powered (with batteries)
  • Solar electricity pump for water
  • Wood fired stove for cooking and heating.


"We don't inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children" Native American Proverb