Yoga also improves movement of energy through chakras, hence releasing blockages and the accumulation of toxins.  Yoga therefore not only strengthens the body and improves health it may also awaken the higher centers of our consciousness.

The subtle energy aspect of life within the body, which I have researched at the theoretical level for many years now, is the Yogic and Buddhist Tantric concept of prana, which flows in the body through the nadis, which are energy (termed wind by Tibetans) channels in the human body. There are 72,000 nadis of which the three primary nadis, sushumna, ida and pingala, run up the centre of, and on either side of, the spinal column. Where these energy channels intersect, the chakras are located.  The basic concept of the chakras is as the energy aspect of the body linking body with consciousness - the body consciousness energy. I think that the Tantric concept of the way the Universe works as the mingling of Consciousness with Energy, manifesting from subtler levels to the gross level of matter, which then evolves back to the subtler levels of consciousness is as good an understanding as I've come across yet. The subtle energy aspect of the body seems to be the halfway house between consciousness and the material world. In trying to get some understanding of how mind connects with matter this seems to go some way to a reasonable understanding, particularly with quantum philosophies bringing the two together so clearly now.

What the Buddhist teachings have, that for me a very important contribution is the Bodhisattva principle: that we are aiming for enlightenment for the good of all beings; the altruistic approach. This is of course part and parcel of the Holographic universe philosophy. If the whole is in every part, then every thought word and action of every part affects the whole. So everything I think or do affects everything else which automatically affects me. This gives an understanding of karma which goes beyond the rather mechanistic view that most people have. We are all interconnected, the Universe is an indivisible whole, and compassion, love, is the juice that fuels the evolving principle. The more compassion and love I generate the better for all including myself. Thus, ultimately the psychic level of being is not the overt clairvoyance of a medium or fortune teller, but that sensitivity which is involved in making the choice which takes you in the best direction for the benefit of all people, that oils the wheels of life, that is part of wisdom, the wise decision, the best thing to do for all concerned. It is also that sensitivity, that awareness that is linked with empathy, where you feel from the other person's perspective, say the right thing, do the best for them, which is part of compassion. So we are looking at the subtle level of the development of wisdom and compassion. Can't be bad really! Radiant Being embraces all teachings and wisdom that benefits everything and everyone.

 At Radiant Being the ever changing seasons are reflected in our programs.  The retreat activities are planned around nutrition, energy levels and body, mind and spirit nourishment according to the season. Our programs are researched with full awareness of the pace in today's world, and creating a haven to rejuvenate every essence of your being. We have taken the time to create our team with the most knowledge, wisdom and passionate people to create a life enhancing experience just for you.